“NoN - Formal Methods for inclusion ”

ERASMUS + Training Course

 in Acquappesa (Cs) - Italy



(Arrival day: 12st October, Departure day: 20th October)


 “NoN Formal Methods for Inclusion ”

ERASMUS + Youth Exchange in Acquappesa (Cs) - Italy

A few words of welcome...

Dear participants, We are happy to invite you to Acquappesa (Italy) to the project “Non - Formal Methods for Inclusion”, which will be held between 12 – 20 October 2019. On the following pages you will find practical information about the project: the venue and how to get there, what to bring and partly about the content of the event that we will do together.

About the project

Non - Formal Methods for Inclusion” is a training initiated by the Italian Association Le Terre di mare con Federico with the active involvement of 6 organizations: Ask Yourself Romania, Fundacja "Tu brzoza"  Poland, AKtive Kosmos Spain,Stressball Cyprus,Trotoara Foundation Bulgaria and Verslor ir lyderystes akademija “in corpore” Lithuania that will welcome 21 participants from 7 countries.

The project aim is develop the youth workers competences in implementing non-formal methods that can help diminish discrimination and racism among young people.

The objectives that we want to achieve in the project are:

1.  Develop knowledge regarding discrimination, racism, xenophobia, they will better understand the problems that youth worker face and the ways in which they can help them overcome this problems;

2. Improve skills in implementing No Formal Education  methods with a special focus on anti-discrimination;methodology and their communication skills, especially when working with disadvantaged groups;

3.  Develop a positive attitude towards No Formal Education and the use of No Formal Education methods in order to stop discrimination.

Please make sure to read this Information Pack carefully before you come!

Project information

Arrival date: 12st October 2019 (lunch time, before 13.00) Departure date: 20th October 2019 (morning)

In case you need or want to travel before or after these dates please let us know.

Le Terre di mare con Federico with Ask Yourself Romania, Fundacja "Tu brzoza"  Poland, AKtive Kosmos Spain,Stressball Cyprus,Trotoara Foundation Bulgaria and Verslor ir lyderystes akademija “in corpore” Lithuania, will welcome 21 participants (3 participants for country) from 7 countries for the 8 days of training.

To be able to attend the event from the beginning to the end is one of the basic conditions for participation so please arrange your travel in order to attend the course in its whole duration.

Who can participate

The project participants are being selected primarily based on their motivation to develop their approach toward mobility. They will be required to participate in parts of the planning and implementing of the program. Additional considerations are gender equality and offering the less privileged the opportunity to participate. The participants should be youth Age 18 + years.

The venue and the travel

Acquappesa (Cs) is a town in Calabria Region, southern Italy. Acquappesa today, with its ancient village up high and its welcoming beaches, offers tourists the chance to see its historical, cultural and folklore peculiarities.Known since 1700 for its beautiful beach, its clean air and its cultivation of silkworms, it still retains a strong tourist call, whose “birth” can be found in a quote from the 1849 Civil Status: "This marine used for bathing..." and populated by foreigner "bathers". The name, an evolution of the Latin Aqua pendens (slanted water), denoted the copious springs of water that once flowed into streams and waterfalls from the rock that overlooks the town, which today are symbolically depicted in the town’s coat of arms.

Some archaeological finds dating from the sixth century B.C. suggest the foundations by Greek colonists, however not yet confirmed.More information about Acquappesa(Cs) and Calabria Region:

http://en.comuni-italiani.it/078/002/ http://www.italia.it/en/discover-italy/calabria.html

Travel Info

In order to get to our venue you should arrange a flight to:


Airport website :https://lameziaairport.com/ Shuttle service could be organized at 10 euros for participants to Acquappesa

contact the organizer

Train service (www.trenitalia.com) between Lamezia Terme Airport and Cetraro train station. The airport is connected with a bus to the train station of Lamezia Terme Centrale you will found the bus at the exit of the airport station : https://orariautobus.it/autobus-per-aeroporto/lamezia-multiservizi.html

The airport provides regular scheduled flights with the most important Italian cities and european Capitals. For further information: phone +39 / 0968.414385 (dalle 8.30 alle 23.30) Web site: ​https://lameziaairport.com/

Aeroporto internazionale Leonardo da Vinci - Rome (521 KM from Acquappesa - CS) Train service (www.trenitalia.com) between Rome - Cetraro, Acquappesa or Paola

(main station) 15 minutes by car from the hotel in Acquappesa .

Bus ( https://global.flixbus.com) to Rende Cosenza Nord after you can take a train from Castiglione Cosentino train station to Cetraro train station (www.trenitalia.com).

 The airport provides regular scheduled flights with the most important Italian cities and european Capitals. For further information: phone +39 / 06 6595.1 (24h) web-site: https://www.roma-airport.com/

Bus from Bus station Roma Tiburtina web-site:http://www.consorzioautolinee.it/​ Rome - Cetraro (5 minutes by car to Acquappesa )

If you need help in arranging travels, please let us know in advance and we will help you.

Travel cost reimbursement

Of your travel costs we reimburse up to:

275 EUR (except italian participants).In accordance with EU funding rules you must also travel by the most economical means, e.g., economy tickets and public transport where applicable. The sum exceeding these amounts will not be reimbursed.

In the event you lose any of your tickets, invoices, receipts, etc. it will not be possible to claim back travel reimbursement. So please take great care of your receipts and invoices.

Reimbursement can be provided up to 60 days from the end of the project itself, depending on the time we will receive the money from Italian National Agency.

ALL the following documents are needed:

all your tickets and boarding passes (print double copies of the boarding pass); invoices of buying your tickets; tickets must contain your name (if applicable); the starting and finishing place of the journey; the date of the journey and the price of the ticket.

If some documents are missing, we won’t be able to give reimbursement for that.

Please be sure to have booked and printed all your two ways tickets in advance.


Hotel Sea   Garden

Via C. Colombo, 40, 87020 Acquappesa (CS) tel: +39 0982 92265 http://www.hotelseagarden.com/

“In the beautiful setting of the Tyrrhenian coast lies the Sea Garden Hotel is a modern and comfortable structure inaugurated in 2005. With its professional and friendly style welcomes guests in a peaceful and friendly atmosphere.

It is the ideal place to spend a relaxing holiday or welfare at sea for its proximity to the

Terme Luigiane, or for organizing meetings or banquets.

Its location offers the possibility to reach some interesting tourist destinations: Guardia

Piemontese, Paola, Diamante, Cosenza and the Sila mountains

What to bring

● one traditional outfit for the intercultural night presentations (optional)

● a little/big flag, some typical food and/or drinks from your country for intercultural evenings

● comfy clothes and shoes for the outdoor activities

● small backpack

● some games and stories to share

● a good mood and a sense of humor :)

You can check the weather here: https://www.accuweather.com/en/it/acquappesa/1555474/weather-forecast/

Arrival time and emergency contact

We would like to start with the short introduction and lunch together on 12 October 2019 13:00, so unless you have a later flight, please try to be there on time. Please send us your travel details as soon as you book your flights and trains, so that we can make a list of arrival times. If someone is not coming directly from the airport to the accommodation, please let us know what time you will join us.

In case you need some help after you land in Italy, feel free to contact:

+393299022980 - Anna De Caro (Le Terre di mare con Federico)

(also WhatsApp) and we will assist you. In case you have any further questions regarding the information provided here, please feel free to contact: letterredimareconfederico@gmail.com  

See you soon in Italy!

The organizers of Non - Formal Methods for Inclusion

Le Terre di Mare con Federico APS