Excerpted time code of facebook live feed

 If they did national anthem it wasn't taped - they have done it in the past . Live video is about an hour long follow along or scrub through as you choose. The music seemed very un-Islamic ( for some Muslims) another point of conflict perhaps? This was not the typical post parade speakers platform. Focused on voting. Register to vote and what it means to be a Muslim -American

[live feed begins]

We come here For Peace For Peace For Peace

Muslims are always struggling to do good in every situation

allah allah allah

one of our greatest challenges today is unity

Peace yeah

Muslims united Muslims united

Proud to be Muslims Proud Muslims

We stand together for god and our country

We are from Indonesia yeah

Working together - brothers and sisters-

Spread the love, Spread the love, Spread the love

Singing long salaam /allah song in Arabic

[6:20] -Muslims unite Muslims unite - Muslims unite  - (couple exits)

[6:24] - MC comes on - Takbir Takbir Takbir (Praise intro) for the NYPD, NYFD AND the FBI- who want us to be a part of them -giving out safety info for children and we are RECRUITING hiring over a thousand- BE INVOLVED - Keep us all safe - TAKBIR

[8:55] intro Grand Marshal Khan

[9:07] PRAISING ALL law enforcement - for keeping this event PEACEFUL thanks all of our first responders etc

[10:29] he is speaking to the Muslims first 1.6 billion Muslims of the world you must reject violence. no more. we will reject violence. no more violence from Muslims - (he sights two examples) open Quran surrahs- allah says I have given you this world in trust.  we are the TRUSTEES- the PROTECTORS of the world.

[12:24]-Read last sermon of 'prophet'- it will enlighten you  given you the world (in trust with other Muslims) hurt no one- and no one will hurt you- we have forgotten that message- the blessings of democracy - that we live under- the American forefathers struggled - gave us the right to participate in the government - so VOTE - don't sit at home - be a candidate- contribute- active in our community . vote for values of U.S. - plurality, inclusiveness- equal dignity - values of America- are values of Muslims

[15:27] - history of Islam (Arabic words) liberty - dignity - words that are in Islamic jurisprudence- this is OUR heritage- WE stand for that.

[15:30] mentions Christian bibles and 6 Jewish mezzuzah gifts - we are grateful to America and all faiths - this is what America is about- invite people of other faiths to your homes. be part of community. join in their celebrations. do not hide.

 interfaith relation is the solution to today's environment of bigotry and exploitation of innocent Americans - that some candidates are exploiting- be a part of the interfaith relations - make sure you participate in the elections. be part of the solutions  [Khan ends 17:11]

MC returns TAKBIR


[18:24] -Then the children came on the stage -speaker SHOUTED...  ?? Kashmir?? [20:29]


[26:28] a group of young men- another rap-type song  - not in English - Young man is MC now

[38:46] a man speaks- mentions Kasmir- (accent is thick) he is a refugee from India is speaking - mentions U.N. - being displaced peoples- we want to be a part of the American Umma - UN is not helping? [finished 42:03]

(long pause waiting for woman)

[43:10] Muslim woman - Says she has suffered discrimination- as a mother and a woman- says she helped organize the Muslim community after 9-11. To express their power and vote. Nov. 8th. very important to register. [44:24] her daughter has a dream - to be the president- a Muslim president. Mentions that accusations that Obama is a Muslim- says he's not a Muslim - he's Christian. BUT- is there anything wrong with being a Muslim? My 7 year has a dream. She says- drop the rhetoric -is he a Muslim...Nov 8- vote - register- make sure your voice is heard [end 46:08]

-young man MC- pause- waiting for rap couple-

[47:00-rap couple came back]- not in English this time [50:53 ]

she read slow lyric in English- we need forgiveness, never forget... we never know if we are going to {...}we seek forgiveness from allah

[then tempo change 52:38] [about salaat- sister translates in English] - Bring me peace allah [56:07] this song reminds us {---- LONG statement that is  unintelligible}

[1:02] -thank yous - they will repeat song - Muslims Unite

[1:02;51] (the female) for the Muslim of America today, especially in NYC, celebrate - the togetherness we show to the world that Muslims Unite - the United States of America is a place to be united. We are proud to be here. We are proud to be Muslims - We are proud to be part of this event. (she continues)

[1:03] Brothers and sisters we are Muslims and we are proud to be Muslims [she is reading surrahs]

[1:04;57] allah is the one who guards against evil. For those in need, allah is all knowing. all aware.... (brothers and sisters) .... [1:05;19]Muslims are always struggling to do good in every situation  Muslims Unite! - [Live feed ends-1:05:48]