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January 26 to 28

Dr Jamie Marich

Trauma and 12 Steps
Creative Mindfulness

February 23 to 25

Joan Tollifson: Addiction, Awareness and Recovery

March 16 to 18

Dr Bob Weathers

Recovery coach

Integral Recovery

Dr Gabor Mate: Plant medicine, trauma and addiction

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Radical Recovery Monthly Interviews

Using Mindfulness to Stay Clean and
Sober During the Holidays
Scott Kiloby


Intervention 911

Speaker: Ken Seeley

Watch this clip from the interview Life in Recovery

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Kiloby Center:        Mindfulness and Long Term Recovery

Speakers: Julianne Eanniello, Scott Kiloby, Lisa Meuser

Robert Butler, Brian Adler

September 2017 Summit interviews

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Gabor Maté:          Trauma, Connection and Addiction

John Dupuy:                 Integral Recovery

Nikki Myers:                 Sustainable Addiction Recovery, Y12SR

Pati Hernandez:         Ivy League and Inmates

Richard Miller:         Foundation of Well-Being

Rick Hanson:                 Resourcing Your Brain

Robert Weiss:         Digital-Age Intimacy, Sex and Porn

Scott Kiloby:                 Real Freedom

Tommy Rosen:         Recovery 2.0 Grounded in Recovery

Beverly Buncher:         Family Recovery Resources BALM

Charles Crenshaw:         EFT and Meditation

Jan Winhall:                 Focusing for Addiction

Judy Crane:                 Healing Trauma Through Safety

Kay Vogt:                 Addiction and Family Business

Kenneth Blum:        Science, Epigenetics and Addiction

Kimber Olson:         Alaska Communities

Lorenzo Jones:         Community Organizing

Lynn Fraser:                 Healing Trauma with the Living Inquiries

Nicole Marcia:         Healing Addiction with Yoga Therapy

Paul Hedderman:         AA and Nondual Awareness

Roberto Rodriguez:         Brief Intervention for Men

Ryan van Wyk:         Trauma Treatment Center

Steve Dansiger:         Refuge Recovery

Tessie Castillo:         Harm Reduction