Overview of LearnStorm Data Protection Practices

LearnStorm is a challenge run by Khan Academy, following the data protection guidelines and principles set forth by the Khan Academy privacy notice, which is accessible online at  www.khanacademy.org/about/privacy-policy.  In the interest of ensuring relevant information is available to you, we want to provide you with specific, additional information about LearnStorm .  As described in our “Notice to Parents,” your participation (or your child’s participation) in LearnStorm is voluntary and is subject to the terms of the general Khan Academy privacy notice and terms of service.  In the event of any conflict between this Attachment and the Khan Academy privacy notice, the terms of the Khan Academy privacy notice will control.

LearnStorm specific information collected from participants

How we use this information

We primarily use the information we collect to:

Data from students, parents and teachers of students registering for LearnStorm may be publicly disclosed as follows:

We take special precaution for students under the age of 13: no personally identifiable information (including full user names) from these students will be displayed publicly, and Khan Academy will not collect or use contact information from these students.

For LearnStorm Ireland only

Restrictions on child users

A child user’s participation in LearnStorm is subject to the same restrictions as child users’ use of the Khan Academy website, which are explained in detail in the Khan Academy privacy notice.

Beyond these general restrictions, certain other restrictions on our processing of personal data relating to children users will apply.  Specifically:

Contacting Khan Academy and exercising data rights

Please contact Khan Academy with any questions or comments about our privacy notice, the personal data we maintain about you or your child, our third-party disclosure practices, or your consent choices by email at privacy@khanacademy.org or by mail at: Khan Academy, PO Box 1630, Mountain View CA 94042.