OSM Foundation Management Team meeting

19th March 2013, 20:00 GMT



Present: Paul (DWG), Henk (SotM, Chair), Dermot (SWG), Michael (LWG), Matt (EWG), Andy (OWG)

Apologies: Harry (CWG)

Agenda and Minutes

Minutes of previous meeting

February 12th 2013

Proposed: Dermot

Seconded: Matt


Highlights Current Status Working Groups

CWG: In desperate need of more people to help with communication tasks

DWG: There is current issue related to an edit-war. The meeting concluded that there is a need for a procedure / policy on how DWG is dealing with edit-wars and potential banning of users. Action: MT asks DWG to come up with a draft proposal. (Paul to ask)

EWG: Will have an action plan after their next meeting on coming Monday.

LCWG: The first meeting is planned for later this week.

LWG: Now regular bi-weekly meetings. Working on documenting the process after a DMCA request has come in. Simon is reviving the discussion about the revision of the AoA. The LWG is assisting Simon in that.

OWG: Currently dealing with some hardware failures. Also need to make arrangements for hosting some of our servers during building refurbishment this summer. Plan for 2013 includes significant increase in redundancy and capability.

SotM: Venue is secured. Working on getting the first sponsors in. Delegate sign-up will be up in the coming days.

SWG: Dermot has ambitions of reviving interest in organised efforts to understand the possible future directions of OSM, to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each and to achieve group consensus on the desired outcomes and how to get there. Traditionally SWG has tackled such subjects but with a low level of success and apparently some conflict in expectations on the part of participants and some suggestion of a conflict of responsibilities with other working groups. So far, Dermot has not identified a solution to these difficulties, which, unresolved, would likely make a SWG revival non-productive.

There have been recent overtures to the Board from grassroots mappers expressing an interest in tackling similar topics. Dermot has replied to them in the hope of exploring areas of common interest. He hopes to identify some areas of possible progress consistent with the goals of SWG, whether or not the mappers involved choose to organise under the SWG name. Dermot agreed to identify by the next MT meeting whether or not he wishes to revive SWG.

The meeting identified the need for a procedure to make a policy. Action: Matt is adding a draft procedure in the ManagementTeam document. We may need to create a separate document for that, but that will be decided later.

Budgetting: Action:Matt to add items to MT document dealing with reporting of actual spend to MT & WGs by Treasurer so that progress against budgets can be tracked.

Action Plans 2013

From previous minutes:

WG should make plans for the upcoming time. MT should collect them and present them as an action plan to the board including requested mandate and budget.  

Scope / Role of the WG

Goals / Direction for 2013

Rough Budget / Resources needed

Put together draft plan by March 10th, so we can discuss by it email over the week 10th-19th and finalise at the meeting on the 19th.

All information is bundled into this discussion document:


We decided to send what we have to board on March 29th. That will give some of us to complete their action plan and we can have some additional discussion about them in the document mentioned above.

Recruitment new MT Chair

What are our next steps in recruiting the MT Chair?

Not discussed during the meeting, but diverted to discussion via management@.

Matt mentioned he is still open for comments on the Management-Team proposal document.



Next meeting

April 23rd,  2013, 8pm BST

Meeting End

Meeting ended at 21:24 GMT