1st Quarter


Thank you for volunteering to serve as a Kidz Church leader or assistant. We greatly appreciate your support with our Kidz Ministries.  If you are unable to serve on a scheduled date, please exchange dates with another volunteer. Phone numbers are listed below. For last minute emergencies, call Liz Yount (245-4410/612-3295) or e-mail at lyount@mafairumc.org.

***Teachers, if you swap weeks with someone please let Liz and the office know of the change.





Jan 1



Jan 8

Fred Colhoun

Emily Harris

Jan 15

Helen Alley

Susan Hiscutt

Jan 22

Brett Summar

Chandra Carver

Jan 29

Sarah Hall

Joyce Weldon

Feb 5



Feb 12

Libby Reed

Michele McRoy

Feb 19

Susie Weatherall

Jeff Weatherall

Feb 26

Jill Davenport

Josh Dixon

Mar 5



Mar 12

Kimberly Wellman

Edna Longwell

Mar 19

Penny Harper

Erin Colhoun

Mar 26

Tom Baker

Brandon Reed


 Teachers:                                                        Assistants:

Helen Alley:  246-2805                                   Emily Harris:  418-0864                        

Penny Harper:  342-9235                                 Chandra Carver:  384-4775

Kimberly Wellman:  343-7518                        Susan Hiscutt:  239-4026

Fred Colhoun:  612-6913                                 Josh Dixon:             276-9744

Libby Reed:  367-3124                                    Edna Longwell:  967-8377

Jill Davenport:  765-2481                                Erin Colhoun:  612-6912

Sarah Hall:  239-3816                                      Joyce Weldon:  408-3468

Brett Summar:  612-4521                                 Brandon Reed:  741-1826

Susie Weatherall:  480-9520                            Jeff Weatherall:  765-0659

Tom Baker:  677-8657                                    Michele McRoy:  361-3170