Answer the following questions by looking up the answer in the codex (

  1. The function wp_list_pages shows a list of all your “published” pages. Which parameter of wp_list_pages can you set if you only want to display posts with a status of “draft”?

  2. In what version of WordPress was the function body_class() introduced?

  3. What is the white screen of death?

  4. the function is_post()  has been deprecated since version 2.8.3.  Use this function instead: _______________.

  5. What are the server requirements for running WordPress?

  6. What can a User with the role of “Contributor” do?

  1. Where can you find information about WordPress coding standards?

  2. What does the Coding standard say about using shorthand PHP tags?

  3. Who writes/contributes the content of the codex?