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Analyze, Synthesize, and Make Decisions | EXERCISES FOR CREATING PODCASTS

  1. Choose three or more podcasts from the list of various example podcasts on Blackboard (Assignments>Podcasts), and listen to each one while taking notes about their composition, (i.e. how they’re put together, organized, arranged, what’s included). What differences and/or similarities did you notice between each podcast? Which strategies seem successful? Which areas of the podcasts cause difficulties. Then, make a list of at least six recommendations related to composing podcasts that you plan to borrow for your own assignment.

Podcast 1:

Podcast 2:

Podcast 3:

Six Strategies

  1. Think about topics that might work well in the podcast format. Brainstorm a list of ALL possible topics you could talk about in a podcast. Later you will narrow the list down. Things to consider: What are you passionate about? What do you love to talk about? What are your areas of expertise? What do people ask you for help with? What hobbies do you have? Focus on your possible future career or academic goals.

  1. A podcast’s success often relies on the speaker’s ability to convey emotion through their voice. To practice this, in your student folder,  create a “Podcast” folder and record yourself reading a poem or lyrics from a song. Upload your first recording.  Playback the recording, taking note of the way your voice conveys ideas and emotions. Then, repeat the recording process, this time adjusting your voice to change its effect on a listener. Think about how you can use your voice to show emotion, tone, attitude, etc.  Upload recording #2. Title your recordings LastName_Lyrics_#1 & LastName_Lyrics_#2.  

Title of poem or lyric