Homework General Information

Second graders are expected to read nightly for approximately 20 minutes.  
It's very important that students read, and are read to at home.  As a way to
verify this nightly reading, I will pass out a reading log that will be
collected at the end of each week.  This log will be completed by students
and signed by parents to account for 20 minutes of reading five times per

In addition to this nightly reading requirement, students will be given
approximately 20 minutes of written homework Monday through Thursday.  

   • Spelling Packet- (Due on Friday)

    • Math Sheet- (Due Daily) A review of the daily math concept/lesson

All homework is reinforcement or extension of class instruction. Homework
will be checked for quality and effort.  Parents are always encouraged to
assist children with homework, projects, and book reports. If your child is
spending longer than 20 minutes and/or struggles significantly with any
assignment, please just jot me a note and I will work independently with your
child during our morning routine to clarify or review any concept.

Please nurture responsibility and organization in your child in the following
• Be sure that your child prints his or her name on each paper and packet.
• See that your child completes all work neatly and in pencil.
• Help your child to return assignments when they are due.

Purple “Take-Home” Folder:


There are often important notices that go home and occasionally have to be signed and returned. Each child has been supplied with a Purple “Take-Home” Folder that goes home daily and needs to be returned to school the next day. The folder will hold notices and important information, as well as nightly homework. *Anything that needs to be returned to school should be placed in this purple folder.

In order to keep parents informed of classroom/school behavior, our class will be using a daily color coded behavior card system. Students will come home each day with a color card in the back of their Purple “Take-Home” Folder.




Your child also received an Agenda in which you will find his/her daily homework assignments, spelling words, and project due dates written. There is an area in the Agenda in which parent/teacher communication can occur.


Please check the Agenda daily and initial any notes to signal they have been read. The Agenda is our main communication to home and a vital part of our classroom. All of Dennett’s policies are located in the front of the Agenda.