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MINI Flexpod Gauge Mount

Installation Guide

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Table of contents

Table of contents




Thank you for purchasing the MINI Flexpod Gauge Mount from CravenSpeed.   This kit is designed to allow the driver to position a smartphone for heads-up view, without needing to handle the device.  Pro Series mounts allow you to customize your view, by adjusting the extension arm to the angle that suits you.  The product is made from the highest grade materials and is guaranteed to be free from defects.



1. Remove factory-mounting screws behind tachometer using the # 25 Torx wrench.


2. Keep these Torx screws safe; you will need them again.

3. Pull the tach towards you to slide the tach off of a hidden rail.

4. Lean the tach towards the wheel to gain access to the 3 screws on the back of it.


5. Using the Philips, remove the three screws on the back cover of the tach.


7. Place the Bracket W so that it fits into the three holes where the screws were.

8. Affix the bracket with the included Plastite screws.

9. Make sure the bracket is tight and does not wobble.

10. Put the tach back in its original position, and reattach it with the Torx screws.

Add a 52mm Cup to each mounting point

1. Attach gauge cup to mounting hole in bracket using a ¼-20 Bolt and the spacer, then adjust to desired height.

2. Use included plastic plugs to hide mounting screws.

3. Insert gauge, allowing the studs on the back to poke through the holes in the back plate. Tighten the nuts included with your gauge to the studs.


4. Alternately, for gauges that do not have mounting studs, you may use the included rubber pads to create a resistance fit; stick the rubber pads to the inside of the gauge cup and slowly, but firmly insert your gauge. Start with one rubber pad and if it is nottight enough, add a second and so on.

5. Attach gauge cup to mounting hole in bracket using a ¼-20 Bolt and adjust to desired height. Use the included spacer to bring the gauge out to match the depth of the tachometer. Repeat.

6. Use included plastic plugs to hide mounting screws.


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