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We have been learning to be Scientists

Success criteria:

  • Pose an inquiry question around plants

  • Create and and write an experiment to help find out

  • Make an hypothesis                                

  • Explain the importance of fair testing                                                        

  • Make observational notes

  • Label a diagram

  • Make conclusions


My comment:  

22ed June

In Term 2 Riya said that plants need soil to grow. So we did a experiment We put a seed into a bag with a tisho. With some water. A little oxygen. The first week we got a little Mold. I learnt what a radical is. The Embryo grow for some popple. We saw it could really gemant

Differences and similarities ( compare) we went on a hunt of a lifetime for leWOW we found lots and lots of leaves. We learnt the names and families of the leaves And we also did a Venn diagram. Kelly gave as a sheet.

Now we are doing another experiment with. Can carbonated water make plants grow faster We had a plan of what we think what is going to happen. And we work in groups of five. To do the experiment.

Kelly’s comment:You have been a keen scientist this term Ollie. You have learnt by exploring, experimenting, observing, comparing and contrasting and by researching and asking. You can experiment every day at home and school.