AP English Language and Composition

Pigeon Forge High School Spring 2020

Mrs. Lydia Huskey

Course Overview (adapted from:  AP English Language and Composition Course Description):

The goal and purpose of AP English Language and Composition are to help students “write effectively and confidently in their college courses across the curriculum and in their profession and personal lives.” The course is organized according to the requirements and guidelines of the current AP Language and Composition Course Description.


Course Objectives:

In the course of the semester, students will:

Classroom Expectations:

Keep in mind that you are expected to behave as if you are in a college class.

Assignments and Absenteeism

All assignments are due on the due date. You have 5 days to make-up any missed assignments due to an absence once you return to school. Failure to make up work in the given amount of time will result in a zero on any and all assignments. If you have an unexcused absence or tardy, you will receive the point deductions as outlined in the Pigeon Forge High School Student handbook.

IF YOU are absent, it is YOUR responsibility to get the work that YOU missed.

Note: If a test, quiz, project, or written assignment was announced (see calendar) and given to you before your absence and you return on the day of the activity, you are responsible for that assignment. If you have a special situation, please talk to me.

Texts and Study Materials

Aufses, Robin Dissin, et. al. Conversations in American Literature: Language, Rhetoric, Culture. S.l.: Bedford Bks St Martin's, 2014. Print.

Barron’s: AP English Language and Composition, 5th ed., workbook.

Course Planner

Unit Sequencing:                                                        

1st Six Weeks – Rhetorical Analysis                                

        1. Introduction to Rhetoric and AP Language

        2. Rhetorical Analysis                                

2nd Six Weeks – Argument                                

3. Modes of Writing                                

4. American Revolutionary Era                

5. The Rise of Realism                        

3rd Six Weeks – Synthesis, Multiple Choice, and After Test

6. Synthesis                                                

7. Multiple Choice Boot Camp                                                        

8. Looking Forward                                                

** I have built in extra days for review and inclement weather**


Daily 2/3 – 67%

Test 1/3 – 33%

EXAM DATE: Wednesday, May 13, 2020


My email address is lydiahuskey@sevier.org

The school number is 865-774-5790. My classroom extension is 206.

Pigeon Forge High School web site: http://www.pfh.sevier.org/

Keys for Success in AP English Language and Composition

  1. Don’t let yourself get behind. You will have an assignment (reading or otherwise) every night, many of which will play a part in the next day’s assignment(s).  If you allow yourself to get behind, it will very quickly snowball. Constant absences will also play a factor in being able to keep up with the rigorous curriculum and pace.  A planner or calendar will help you keep up with assignments, especially the semester-long projects.
  2. Take notes & date them. Put them in your own words. Leave some blank space on each page to make some additions and clarification. It is very important to review your notes each day while they are fresh in your mind. Expand them, clarify them, and add examples so they will make sense when you go back to study from them later.
  3. Learn to read more effectively. You can read more effectively by doing the following:
  1. Form a study group. Your group will ensure that each member will be able to master the material covered in class and in the text. Each group’s ultimate goal is for each member to earn a successful score in the AP exam.
  2. Use the materials available to you to review and study.


AP English Language and Composition

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