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‭Sunday feb 10 2013

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‭ a Few off air recordings UCR, RedMercuryLabs, BustANutRadio, Radio Ronin, Wolverine radio


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Opening Monologue

Maybe you heard that the east coast of the US had a bit of snow this last week. Of course you heard that, it was all over the news TV, Radio, the interwebs, so why am I starting off the PW talking about what you have been bombarded with the last few days- well I’ll tell you- big weather events like this last snowstorm is great for pirate radio. yep when the weathers bad and no one is on the roads,- including the FCC, well the pirate operators start cranking up their rigs and the listening can be really good. and thats what happened this last weekend. A lot of stations on the air, and we were even blessed with a bit of good propagation to go along with the flurry of activity. So if you didn't hear anything over this last week, you didn't have your radio on. Keep that in mind next time we have a bit of inclimate weather, the pirate activity usually spikes and makes for some good listening.

And just a heads up, the weather reports has another snow storm forming over the great plains and looks like it will follow the same tract as the last one.

Will Synder via FB

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Read more: Mixxx - CNET


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Pirates in the news

FCC Watch

Starting off with the Forfeiture Orders:

The Enforcement Bureaus records reflect that Mr. Fleurinor has been cited multiple times
for unlicensed operation of a radio broadcast station since 2008.  The first instance was on January 14, 2008, when the Bureaus Miami Office issued a Notice of Unlicensed Operation (NOUO) to Mr. Fleurinor after it was determined that he was operating a radio station on the frequency 97.7 MHz from a commercial property in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. On March 16 and August 24, 2010, agents from the Miami Office used direction-finding techniques to determine that an unlicensed broadcast station operating on the frequency 99.5 MHz.

News Items

Boulder's KGLR shedding Green Light on pirate radio

Green Light Radio found that after more than four years of squatting at 95.3 FM, their frequency had been overtaken by an "unknown, rogue pirate."

Green Light co-founder Rocky Flats, who took his DJ name from the now-defunct nuclear weapons plant south of Boulder, speculated that the new pirate may have been a DJ from legendary pirate station Boulder Free Radio. The station was a Green Light forerunner that has been found at 95.3 FM on and off since beginning its swashbuckling ways in 2000.

"Pirates are typically pretty cordial, pretty communicative," said Flats, who spoke only on condition of anonymity. "I've never had an experience with this and I don't know how to communicate with this person."

While the frequency issue came as a surprise, Flats said it doesn't bother him. After all, producing unique radio broadcasts on unused frequencies "is what pirates do," Flats said, and with the spotty quality of Green Light's signal keeping it off the airwaves from time to time, he's not surprised someone else jumped on board.

FCC agents operating out of a Denver field office hounded Boulder Free Radio for years before eventually catching up to operators in 2005, forcing the station to shut down temporarily.

But Green Light devotees need not fear. The FCC has not shut down Flats and his fellow DJs. In fact, in a world where every major corporate station provides its content in a live stream on its website, and perfectly legal independent online stations are a dime a dozen, the pirate faction at Green Light remains as dedicated to pirate radio as ever.

Listeners just have to move their radio dial a smidgen up the spectrum to 96.9 and hope for some clear reception. A pirate's life, indeed.

 The article gos on to describe the orin of green light and the history of pirate radio in boulder along with some observations on free radio by the Green light crew.


Dutch govt updates criminal offenses within Telecom Act

Monday 4 February 2013 | 10:44 CET | News                                            

The Dutch government has published new policies, defining the role of criminal law in the telecommunications sector. The Telecommunications Act (Tw) is largely an administrative matter, but also contains chapters that deal with criminal law. The new policy will immediately go into effect.

From the Blogosphere:

Make way for LPFM: FCC dismisses 3000 translator station applications

from Radio Survivor by Paul Riismandel

According to the Fifth Report and Order released in March, the FCC has started dismissing backlogged translator station applications based national and local caps. In that Order the FCC established caps for the number of applications a single applicant could pursue in a given market, and nationwide, in order to ensure open frequencies are left for low power FM community stations.

Translator applicants were given the opportunity to select which applications they wished to pursue–provided the total number of applications fell under the market and nationwide caps. Applications that were not selected were targeted for dismissal.

On Tuesday the FCC dismissed a whopping 3,000 applications for translators that the applicants either chose not to pursue, or those from applicants that failed to submit their selections. The Commission will be dismissing an unspecified number of additional applications that omitted necessary information, failed to meet other filing requirements or still exceed the caps.

Translator stations are low power repeater stations which may only rebroadcast the signal of a full-power station. They have been permitted to operate in close proximity on the dial to other stations in a manner that LPFM stations were only recently authorized for.

REC Networks has compiled a list of the translator applicants who had their applications dismissed. Not surprisingly, some of the biggest operators and traffickers of translator licenses had the most dismissals, too. Radio Assist Ministry led the pack with 729 dismissals, while Edgewater Broadcasting came in second, with 565 dismissals. Both applicants were masterminded by Clark Parrish who applied for more than 4,000 non-commercial translators during the last application window nearly a decade ago. It is estimated that Edgewater and Radio Assist made more than $800,000 selling off construction permits for the applications that were approved. Do note that these were all non-commercial permits that did not cost a dime from the FCC.

Roughly 3,000 translator applications now remain for the FCC to sort through. Since some of these are competing for the same frequencies, this does not mean there are 3,000 new translators to be licensed. But there still we be quite a few. After that, the Commission will be ready to open up the filing window for new LPFMs, currently scheduled for October.

FCC Grossly Overstates Anti-Pirate Activity

from   DOT NET!!

A paragraph in the FCC's annual performance report for fiscal year 2012 suggests the agency is on the warpath against unlicensed broadcasters:

The FCC shut down hundreds of pirate broadcast operations, which threaten the integrity of the nation’s communications infrastructure and caused interference to licensed broadcasters, air traffic control frequencies, and other public safety communications. There were $289,000 in penalties and 583 warnings issued during FY 2012.

Specious claims of the pirate threat aside, these numbers were quickly parroted by the Clear Channel-owned trade publication Inside Radio as evidence of a "pirate crackdown confirmed." But there's no data to back up these claims.

John Andrson carefully collected all the FCC-released data on unlicensed broadcast enforcement over the last 15 years. Chairman Julius Genachowski claims the agency handed out 583 warnings in 2012. Trouble is, there's only documentation for 103.

In fact, the agency's never done 583 of anything against pirates in any given year: the Enforcement Bureau maxed out at just 447 enforcement actions of all kinds in 2009 and 2010, and activity has dropped off sharply since then.

Interestingly, the performance report understates the dollar figure of proposed fiscal penalties against pirates: the FCC says it handed out "$289,000 in penalties" during 2012 when it rightfully could've claimed nearly $500,000 – $205,700 in actual forfeitures and $294,000 in Notices of Apparent Liability (pre-fines). Collecting these penalties is a different matter – the FCC positively sucks at follow-through.

The actual state of FCC enforcement against pirate radio in 2012 is one of tenuousness. A thinly-distributed staff at regional and district field offices, overwhelmed with many, many other enforcement duties, only gets the chance to hunt pirates when complaints arise (with the exception of Miami and Brooklyn, where agents apparently conduct semi-regular "band scans" – appropriate for the two hottest pirate spots in the entire country). This hardly scratches the surface of unlicensed broadcasting in the United States.

This is not the first time Inside Radio has taken unsubstantiated claims from the FCC on pirate enforcement activity and run with them. Don't believe the hype: the agency's still a paper tiger.



‭ Pirate Shortwave

Chris Lobdell posted a survey that pop com was doing concerning the possibility of bringing back their Pirate Radio coverage.

UncleJohn posted a link to a news item that Radio Shack to close 450-550 stores.  it went on to say that

Earlier this month, RadioShack’s long-term prospects as a viable company took another hit when its partnership with Target ended after neither side could come up with a mutually beneficial deal. The company had operated mobile kiosks at 1,500 Target locations across the country. Shares of the consumer electronics company are down by roughly 68% over the past year. The company recorded an operating loss of nearly $60 million in the third quarter of 2012. Same-store sales in the quarter dropped by 1.6% year-over-year. Revenue in the quarter fell by 3.8% year-over-year. Between 2010 and 2011, the company closed 2.2% of its existing locations — more than 120 locations in all.

HF Underground

not radio related by Chris Smolinski found a youtube video Fun with 244 9 volt batteries in series

‭FROM The...... FREE RADIO WEEKLY #888, Feb 9, 2013

Covering Free Radio activity from Feb 2 to Feb 8, 2013

Stations heard on air this week include stations of:

Blue Ocean Radio:

Captain Morgan:


Radio Ga Ga:

Radio Jamba International:

Pee Pee Vagina Radio: Unknown

Radio Ronin Shortwave:

Rave On Radio:

Undercover Radio:

Radio Jamba International:


WMFT/Family Radio: Unknown

Wolverine Radio: Unknown


‭Stations sending out QSL's this week are the stations of:



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‭on air now?

Warn on F bombs.     Check the drop!

Off Air Recordings‭   (no need to notify me, I’ll see the new upload)

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from Kilokat7 DX by kilokat7

It was bound to happen at some point with pirates now pushing the technological envelope.  First, Red Hat from X-FM Shortwave experimenting with C-QUAM AM Stereo broadcasts on shortwave, and now with Undercover Radio dabbling with Digital Radio Mondiale.  Obviously this isn’t practical for a number of reasons as demonstrated in the video below, but it’s great to see pirates experimenting with new modes and proves that DRM isn’t just reserved for the big 100kw broadcasters.

 UCR 6930 2/3/13 00:54 utc

The SWLing Post-  Thomas Witherspoon listening in western North Carolina with his delta loop fed WinRadio Excalibur -



Radio Ronin 6925 AM 22:45- 2/9/13 SIO 453

Beatles, GTO, NASCAR rant by Larry the Cable guy. seems to be a car theme with old car commercials from the 60’s and 70’s. Good signal until 23:15 when he started to fade with the setting sun. (RD)

Sealord down in Florida using a Ten Tec RX-340 with a 4 Sq. Antenna


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‭Other Radio News:

IRR Fest Schedule

Via email from the festmiester-

If you haven't made your room reservations yet with the Doubletree please do so within the next week if at all possible.

This will save you money and will reduce our costs as well.

The hotel commits to the $97 rate only until February 12th; after that, they can choose not to honor the discount rate, as we lose exclusive access to our room block at that time.

Also, our fees for renting the meeting space decline with the number of rooms booked, so getting those reservations in by the 12th helps us set aside more $$ for things like raffle prizes, etc.

Please refer to the Fest website,, for phone numbers and web links to the hotel's dedicated reservations page for the Fest.

Thanks -

Rich Cuff



What did we learn this week?

Boat Anchor Sweep

Worst Pirate

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Broadcast versions no longer available, ya get what ya get.


‭Pirates in the news this week include Boulder's KGLR shedding Green Light on pirate radio, Make way for LPFM: FCC dismisses 3000 translator station applications, FCC Grossly Overstates Anti-Pirate Activity.

‭Select postings from the Free Radio Network, HF Underground and note stations logged per the Free Radio Weekly

Off Air Recordings include the stations of: Undercover Radio, Red Mercury Labs, Bust A Nut Radio, Radio Ronin, Wolverine radio.

The SWLfest schedule from International Radio Report 

‭Background music from the Podsafe Music Network.

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