Computing Y6 S5 TA HopScotch Project -  I can apply my coding skills..

To be successful you will need to  apply logical reasoning, create rules (algorithms), procedures (repeating rules); recap and apply any previously  learnt computing techniques.  

Steps to Success


I understand the process for designing a program.

What are the rules for your program?

I understand Hopscotch computing language

When would you use this kind of code, tick the right one?

To make the sprites  bump each other ⃞

To decide what will happen if sprites bump each other ⃞

I understand advanced coding techniques.

What is this ability doing?

Allows us to move to the right ⃞

Allows us to move up the screen  ⃞

Why do we create abilities?

So we can use the ability for any character whenever we want, without having to create new code. ⃞

For use with only one character. ⃞

What is the ability called?_______________________

When will this code do anything? IF_________________________________________

Whats the loop for?______________________________________________________

DO Assessment: