2017 Hollywood Cup Spring 5v5 Shoutout

FAQ - Frequently asked questions

Q.        What is the deadline for signing up for 2017 tournament?

A.        Depending on the age division. We will probably not accept any more than 6 teams per bracket. Register and pay as soon as you can and you'll be OK.

Q.        We had so much fun in 2015 and 2016, when is your next tournament?

A.        2017 Holywood Cup Spring Shootout will be held on April 22 and 23, 2017. Boys play on Saturday and Girl play on Sunday, SAVE THE DATE, see you there!

Q.        Would you allow a team primarily of U7 boys to play in the U8 Recreational Division?

A.        MAYBE. If none of the players are carded as TRAVEL or COMPETITIVE by FYSA then the answer is YES. However, if even one of them is, they could only play as TRAVEL U9 (aka Raising Stars). Refer to the tournament rules packet located at http://www.hollywood5v5.com/HollywoodCupPacket.pdf

Q.        How many players are we allowed to roster?

A.        Maximum roster size is 8 players. Minimum roster size is 5. You can always enter 2 teams if you have too many players. We recommend bringing more than 5 per team as opposite team is not obligated to play down to your numbers if you are short players.

Q.        But, I have 9 players, can you make an exception?

A.        Sorry, no. Proper number is 6-7, 8 is already stretching it. We know that some tournaments allow 10 players, so that per player price seems lower, but how much play are 4 benchers really going to get in a 30 minute game?

Q.        Are all 3 guaranteed games played on the same day, and if so, what is the total number of games the winning team will play?

A.        YES, all games are on the same day. Boys play only on Saturday, Girls play only on Sunday.Three games per team are guaranteed, but some teams might play as many as 5 if that division requires us to play semi-finals and finals due to number of teams in the division

Q.        When will the schedule be posted?

A.        We will do our best to post the schedule on Wednesday (BOYS) and Thursday (GIRLS) before the weekend of tournament. You can help us out by registering and making your payment early.

Q.        My friends and I want to form a High School age team for the Tournament, do we need a Coach?

A.        We need a responsible adult to be your Coach/Manager. He/she does not need to have any soccer experience, but has to be present on the field for all the games, and if your Team wins they even get a trophy!

Q.        I registered, now what?

A.        Payment has to be made to guarantee your acceptance. To pay by credit card and/or PayPal please go to: http://www.hollywood5v5.com/payment.htm


Q.        I have a question, who do I ask?

A.        Read the Tournament Rules packet located at http://www.hollywood5v5.com/HollywoodCupPacket.pdf and if it does not answer your question please send an email to tournament@hollywood5v5.com.