My Google Report Card

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Overarching Inquiry - How can I use Google Apps for Education to promote Instructional Excellence & the MO on student learning?

Table Discussion:

Critical Challenge 1 -         How can I create use GAFE to share my professional learning?

Critical Challenge 2 -         How can I use GAFE to extend the learning of my students?


 Gmail Pre-test

I can Navigate GMail

I can COMPOSE, Reply, Fwd email

I can use Help

I can attach FILES and Pics to email

I can add Contacts & groups

I can add a signature to my email

I can change my Theme

I can create a Distribution List (group)

I understand Conversation View

I have shared a Tip or Trick with a colleague

I can add features from Google Labs (preview)

I can create a filter

I can create a Google+ profile

I can use Call Phone

I modify my SPAM Filter

Creating & Collaborating

GDocs Pre-test

I can navigate my GDrive

I can create a Document

I can Share a doc and a folder

I can create a Presentation

How can I make Google Accessible for all?

I can upload a Word document

I can download or print a PDF

I can use Revision History

I can  give feedback using Comments

I have shared a Tip or Trick with a colleague 

I can enable Offline Editing 


I can publish a document

I can learn, unlearn and relearn.

I can access Google Drive App on my mobile

I can install Read & Write for GDocs fn Chrome


I can add an event to my calendar

I can share my calendar with others

I can find and contribute to  shared calendars

I have shared a Tip or Trick with a colleague

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