Chrome Smoke and Flames Art Show


Friday, September 4                Drop-off Date 1

        8:30-5:00                        If you can’t make the official drop off date, you can bring pieces                                                 and forms to Auto Body Complex at 226 n. Kansas.

Saturday, September 5        Drop-off Date 2

        8:30-noon                        Bring pieces and forms to Auto Body Complex at 226 N. Kansas.                                                 Or the Go Away Garage at 308 S. Commerce St.

September 8-11                Go Away Garage crew hangs show

Saturday, September 12         Starliner Car Show

        8:00-5:00                        Show is at the Kansas Aviation Museum, 3350 S. George                                                         Washington blvd, Wichita KS. This is a rich, old school car show                                                 with cars from here and from across the country. Cars are                                                         displayed around and under vintage aircraft on the tarmac.

                                        Don't miss it.

                                                        And Then.....

                                Opening Night of Chrome Smoke and Flames

        6:00-9:00                        2015 Chrome Smoke and Flames Show opens at the Go Away                                                 Garage Gallery with a reception for the Starliner Car Show.

Friday, September 25        Final Friday

        6:00-11:00                        Show will be a stop on Wichita's Final Friday Art Crawl.

Saturday, September 26        Rumble Car Show and Chrome Smoke and Flames Grand Finale

        Noon-8 or 9                        The Rumble will take place right outside the Go Away Garage and                                         South along Commerce street. Along with the car show there will                                                 be pin stripe panel jams, auctions and many more activities                                                 relating to hod rod culture at large.

Sunday, September 28        Final Tear Down & Haul Out

        1:00-5:00                        You can take you pieces home at the end of the show Saturday                                                 also. Times are subject to change on this date. We will decide this                                                 at Saturday's show.