िववेकशिल नेपालीका पाटी‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍ सदसय र धादिङ्गका िजलला स‌‍‌याेजक श्री किपल काकी ४ सदसिय टाेलीकाे साथमा राहत िवतरणकाे


BibekSheel Nepali Party member and District Coordinator of Dhading, Mr Kapil Karki is yet again heading out to Dhading with a team of 4 for relief distribution. During his last relief program in rural VDCs of Dhading, Mr. Karki conducted a small assessement to map out areas needing urgent help. In this context, he identified Budatham and Baseri VDCs of Dhading for relief distribution as the areas have faced mass destruction of life and property.

The team  heading out on 24th Baishak, estimates that their entire program will be 3 days long and aims to serve the follwing number of households:





The volunteers who have been deployed for this particular relief distribution are as listed below:

  1. Leader Kapil Karki (980321010)
  2. Rohit Chettri (9840072811)
  3. Nanu Tamang (9843106856)
  4. Ajita Khanal (9849801090)

*Note: All the volunteers are from non-medical backgrounds.

During his prior visit, Mr. Karki had also collected information from Secretaries of both the VDCs, namely Mr. Bidur Khatiwada from Budathum and Ms. Durga Prasad Rijal from Baseri, based on which the following relief materials are being taken:

  1. Rice: 71 sacks ( 15 sacks: 50 kgs each; 56 sacks: 30 kgs each)
  2. Beaten Rice: 13 sacks (50kgs)
  3. Oil: 6 cartons
  4. Lentils: 3 sacks
  5. Noodles: 2 sacks + 10 cartons
  6. Biscuits: 2 cartons
  7. Tents: 8 pieces
  8. Real Juice: 2 cartons
  9. Salt: 1 sack+2 cartons
  10. Masyaura: 1 sack

Since BibekSheel Nepali Party aims to provide help to as many as we can, the team is also taking supplies for Gorkha. The team will transport the materials for Gorkha from BibekSheel’s central office to Nigalu where they will handover the materials to our member and local resident of Gorkha Mr. Ram Ji Lamichhane. The following relief materials will be handed over to Mr. Lamichanne for distribution at Gorkha.

  1. Rice: 10 sacks (30 kgs each)
  2. Lentils: 2 packets
  3. Tents: 5 pieces
  4. Noodles: 2 cartons
  5. Biscuit: 2 cartons

BibekSheel Nepali Party is confident that the effort of the team will prove beneficial to the victims of the targeted areas. We appreciate the enthusiasm the team is showing.

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