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1:1 Laptop Information
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Chromebook Info for Students and Parents/guardiansKeyboard, Laptop, Chiclet ...

All the links and info you need to use the Chromebook effectively.


The Chromebook issued to students is intended to support the learning in the classroom. The policies and procedures put in place will help guide students and parents.


Chromebook Liability Agreement

This information explains the liability assumed for use of the Chromebook. PCS issues the Chromebook much like the way students are issued a textbook - this is a resource for learning. Like a textbook, the student is responsible for the Chromebook’s care while it is in the possession of the student. Please read through the linked document to find out more about the costs for any damage incurred while in the student’s care.

Chromebook Repair Parts & Cost Chart 

This link provides the most updated information about the cost of parts and labor for various repairs for the Chromebook.

Acceptable Use Policy

This is a link to the district’s Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) The AUP applies to any technology usage by students, and also applies to the use of District equipment while off-campus.

Printing at School

This is a link to information about how to use the Print Release Stations in various locations in the district.

Printing at Home

This is a link to Google’s page on Cloud Print - the solution for printing from a Chromebook.

Chromebook Keyboard Shortcuts

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