Notes on The Kid Stays in the Picture by Robert Evans


Unwilling to forfeit a piece of himself ever

Be you

Be an original

Godfather opening

Inspired by dad

Generous giving

Dream as kid to be an actor

Dad taught him to work towards difficult goal he didn't want just to learn

True love of friend is when they go down with when ur failing

Gambling's not fun unless betting more than u can afford

If it ain't written down it ain't collectible

Luck doesn't happen by mistake. It's when opportunity meets preparation.

Actor wanted to become producer

Was always the go getter

Wanted to be the boss

Before u present anything u gotta own it

Buying options on films

Made his wants clear up front when had something others wanted

When u own the property ur king

Without it ur a pion

Bought up options on lots of different books

Wanted to focus on producing good products not distributing lousy ones

Politics first films last attitude he hated

Only actor ever to head a studio

No one ever expected it

U can never make a deal unless prepared to blow it and risk it all

Forget snob appeal

If read something twice and still don't get it then it's not for him no matter whose pen it is

Every success I had was for a different reason

Every failure for the same: said yes when meant no

Be willing to lose job but won't say yes when mean no

Snobs buy for the announcement not the film

Difference between style and fashion

Style doesn't need lots of money

If many compliment him on tie at party then shreds it

If someone sees some furniture in his house and compliments it then goes to auction

Wants clothes and furniture to be background supporting him as the foreground

Everything in the room is background to make the room look good

Background makes foreground

Make sure the things u own and wear make u look good


Gotta do it in business

Not synopsis style

Full turf

Nightly watching dailies

Fighting over details and holding up objects makes better products

Trusted his intuitions on casting choices when everyone went against him

Never plan. Planning is for the poor.

Politics and show business two sides of same coin

Celebration of the individual

His response to scandals and naysayers: f 'em