Computing Y4 S4 TA  

I can use Lego WeDo to create and control a simulated physical system (Aeroplane).

To be successful you will need to follow instructions and build a simulated aeroplane which has a built in tilt sensor. You will also need to create a sequence to control the motor, display messages and change the background. You will use techniques and language already learnt in previous sessions including: repeats, variables, inputs, outputs, waits and sensing.

Steps to Success


I understand how a display sequence with a delay works

Explain what this sequence does.  Tick the right one.

Displays ‘1’ and then ‘Hello’ on the screen ⃞

Clears the screen, background 1, then displays  ‘Hello’ ⃞

I understand how to use WeDo motor control

Tick the block that controls how long the motor stays on for.

I understand the use of a tilt sensor

When will  the motor spin?  Tick the right one.

As soon as the green arrow is selected. ⃞

Only when the model is tilted ⃞

I can debug

I want the motor to start once I have tilted the plane.  What is wrong with this sequence?  Tick the problem.

The wrong sensor is in the sequence ⃞

The sequence is not waiting for a sensor before starting the motor ⃞

DO Assessment: