Youth Citizen Service (YCS)

Youth Citizen Service (YCS) is an action learning programme for young Indians. YCS creates an opportunity for India’s youth to actively work towards addressing development issues while they themselves build a deeper understanding of the dynamics of poverty and development.


As a part of the full time, six weeks long programme, young people in the age group of 22-29 will volunteer with Society for Development Alternatives ( in India. In this engagement, they will discover themselves, learn interpersonal, leadership and other skills and gain valuable experience in the development sector. They will get to learn about various livelihood interventions in the target community  and get a chance to contribute to related issues in the specific community.


The programme supports the travel, accommodation, food, medical insurance and training costs of the volunteers. Basic daily living allowance will also be provided to the volunteers.


Key features of YCS

The programme has the following features.

Trainings - The volunteers go through three days pre-departure training, one day mid-project review, one day debrief volunteer workshop and one day volunteer dialogue.

Host communities - Groups of volunteers live and work in a rural Indian community that is new to all of them.

Teams - All volunteers will be split into groups of of three with whom they will work closely on a specific project.

Host homes - Each group of volunteers will stay with a host family in the host community with limited resources.

Work placements - Work placements are structured such that the volunteers are able to learn about a specific issue and have maximum take away about the community and its issues and at the same time make a positive and practical contribution to community initiatives.

Global Citizenship Days (GCDs) - Usually held once a week, GCDs provide the volunteers with an opportunity to come together and engage in active learning about community development issues affecting India as a country.

The programme can only create opportunities for up to 24 volunteers (12 per cycle). Placements will take place for both cycles in Bundelkhand region of Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh.

Application deadline


For the India Programme, the application process opens on Day 6th July 2015 and closes 12:00 AM IST on 20th July 2015. All applications must be completed and submitted online or offline by these deadlines. It is recommended that you submit your application well in advance of the deadline to avoid any last-minute technical difficulties or connectivity problems. Apply for the YCS 2015 Leadership Challenge at

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