Setting your Printer on your laptop- so your documents go to the Document Server on the printer

*Click on the bottom left corner of the screen (Window 10 Logo) and it will popup a dialogue box.

  In the search engine, “type printers”.

*The next popup box will say Devices and Printers (control panel)

*Left click on that

picture of printers.png

*The next popup box will look like this.

*Put your curser over the desired printer and left click

           (this should highlight your desired printer)

     *Right click the highlighted printer and pick “printing

           preferences” option from the pop up dialogue box.

replacement 2nd pict.png

*This is the next screen you should see

   *Left click the one that says Job setup

   *Left click the “v” on Job Type

          (this is below the menu section)

   *Left click the document server from the drop down     box

   *Left click the the Details box (next to the Job Type box)

replacement 3rd pict.png

*This is the next box to pop up.  

*Under user ID- enter your name

    *Under File Name- enter what you want the  

         file to be called

    *Under User Name- enter your name

           (for all three of these boxes, I put my last


    *Left click ok (the box should disappear and

           goes back to the 2nd picture)

*Left click apply

*Left click ok (this box will disappear and it should go back to the 1st picture- which you can “X” out of)

** Now when you print your documents, they should be found under the Document Server on the printer.

... multifunction printer

Retrieving your document from the printer

*Look at the buttons on the far left of the printer.  Push the button that says Document server.

   *The screen that should show up as a list of files.  Find your name, push on it (it  

   will highlight).  Push print. (You can print multiple files at the same time. If you

   are unsure of what is in the file there is a preview button you can push- this will

   display the document in the file.)  

* Make sure that after you print your documents that you delete the files from the

   display screen.

*All highlighter items will print and/or delete accordingly- so make sure that a fellow teacher's files are not highlighted.

-By: Kelly Pettis, Speech Language Pathologist, ACESC, Buckeye Local Schools.