225. Complete

「Then, this child will visit with me.」

「N?  Did you not hear what I've said?

 The only ones who can visit are those who can produce fire using magic?」

「That's why this child and I will produce fire using magic.」

「Hou, if you're going to say that far, then try it here.」

 Of course,『this child』is―


 rather, it's Mai-san.

 Because Hilda has already visited the Mana crystal of Fire.

「Well then, Mai-san, show him.」


 Mai-san took a stance in front of the guard soldier.

「Here it goes!

 【Exploding fist】!!!」

 With an intense sound, the heat, light and shock wave swept over.

「How is it? It's more or less Fire magic.」

「......O-, Ou......

 it seems so......

 You may pass!」

「Then, I'll perform next.」

 When I was about to use the magic―

 Aya approached.

「Onii-chan, can you really use Fire magic?」

「Isn't it not Fire magic though?

 It's to produce fire using magic.」

「It's the same, isn't it?」

「They're different~.

 Well, you'll see.」

 I had Aya to withdraw and invoked the magic.


 That's..isn't that【Water magic】!?」

 A water ball which I generated using【Water magic】floated in front of me.

 The guard soldier had an amazed look.

「It's not done yet.」

 I formed a peace sign with the fingers of my left hand,

 and the water ball was struck by my fingers with *zubu zubu* from below in the manner of two-point torture[1].

 And the water ball, as if it couldn't withstand the two-point torture, began to bubble with *buku buku*.

 The bubbles that occurred were divided into left and right and gathered to become a group of two.

 And from the two groups of vapor, each had a pipe that stretched toward the outside.

 The vapors blew from there toward the outside making a *shoo* sound and the two vapors mixed together.

 I generated a minimum【electric shock】to the mixture of vapors and ignited it.


 A straight blue flame broke out like that of a gas burner.

「W-, What on earth is this!?

 Fire magic? No, is it Water magic?」

「Well, isn't it fine?

 A fire was produced using magic, right?」

「I-, Indeed......」

「Seiji-onii-chan, how did you do that?」

 Alright, alright. Let's slowly teach the『two-point torture』to Hilda this evening.

 If the trick is revealed, this is an electrolysis of the water.

 The two vapors are hydrogen and oxygen.

 It's only a spark in the mixture of vapors.

「Then, the two of you are allowed to visit.」

 Mai-san and I got through the guard soldier and went to visit the Mana crystal of Fire.


『【Fire magic】acquired.

 【Fire magic】is now level 4.』

 When I finished visiting, my【Fire magic】suddenly became level 4!

 When I confirmed it, in addition to【ignition】,【heating】and【flame control】that Hilda acquired, I also acquired【explosion】and【flammable gas generation】.

 First, the【explosion】.

 It becomes『generate an explosion accompanied by a flame illusion』.

 flame illusion, huh......

 perhaps, the flame that occurs in Mai-san's exploding fist might be a flame illusion.

 Then,【Flammable gas generation】.

 It says『It changes the components of the air into flammable gas』.

 This is good!

 It can generate flame even without the【magic stone of oil】.

 By the way, when I tried to use【Appraisal】to the embarrassed Mai-san, there was no change in level, but she acquired up to【explosion】magic.


 Then, we went to visit the『Mana crystal of Light』.

 There wasn't any particular condition here and seemed to be possible to visit with 10 Aurum per person.

 If I acquired【Light magic】here......

 the magics will finally be completed!

 It was a long and painful journey......

 it also marks the end here.

「What are you doing, onii-chan? Let's visit quickly.」

 Shit, even though I immersed myself into sentimental mood with so much effort.

 The results of the visit of the mana crystal of Light~.

 Aya and Mai-san's were level 2.

 Hilda's was level 3.

 Elena and I were...... level 4!

 It's somewhat high level on the whole.

 However, the magics are finally completed.

 I was expecting some kind of an event to occur in celebration of the completion, but there was no such thing.

「Nee, Onii-chan, look, look~.」

 Aya wrote a character made of light in the air using【Light magic】.

 Are you a child who frolic with fireworks!?

「Well, the acquisition of general magics was over too,

 if you're from this town, is there anyone you would like to meet, Hilda?」

「None, in particular......」

 Hilda's expression became dark.

 Did I make her remember something unpleasant?

 If Hilda doesn't want to talk, we can only leave it alone.

「Well then, let's go home.」


 I wasn't able to clear the sword of trial this week in the end.

 I will try to do my best next week.


 We returned home to Japan,

 Mai-san made a phone call to Yurie-san.

 That reminds me, she had promised that she is going to stay overnight there.

 Is it really alright for her to go and stay overnight there?

「That's strange.」

 Mai-san who should have made a phone call to Yurie-san looks puzzled.

「Is there something wrong, Mai-san?」

「Yurie-kun isn't answering the phone.」

 Is she doing something strange alone?

 Mai-san who was making a call to Yurie-san for a while had no sign of leaving at all.

「I wonder what's wrong?」

「Why don't you try to go to Yurie-san's house directly?」

「No, let's call it a day.

 It's also rude to suddenly go without even contacting the person.

 I'll wait for her to contact me once I get back to the house.」

「Is that so, well then, I'll send you off.」

「Thank you.」

 I sent Mai-san off to her house.

 I wonder what the heck has happened to Yurie-san?


[1] 2点責め Not really sure.