SBG Evidence Cover Sheet        Name:            Date:        

Directions: This form should accompany each piece of evidence (“artifact”) that you turn for your SBG portfolio this semester. I suggest you type your responses so you can easily revise them later.

Narrative: List complete wording of pertinent learning target(s) and concisely explain how your work provides evidence of your mastery. Your goal is to make a clear and explicit connection between the learning target and your work. Then rate each target using the self-evaluation rubric below. It is also helpful when reviewing evidence if you can label relevant portions of your attached work with the corresponding learning target number.

Making Connections: What connections can you make between the work shown in the artifact and our readings, class discussions, or other class activities? List at least two connections.

Self-Evaluation Rubric:


Level Description

Ways I Might Improve…

No Evidence

The evidence is limited: my work doesn’t really address most of this target.

I might need to find a better task or get help understanding what this target is really getting at.


Under Construction!

I’m not sure how to show this target.

I’m not sure if what I’ve done fits this target.

I had trouble finishing.

I might need to have someone help me understand this target better.


Partial (65%)

I think I understand, but I had difficulty showing it. Or I correctly addressed only part of the target.

I might be able to make my explanations clearer or extend my work to incorporate the entire target.


Routine (85%)

I showed how to apply this in routine situations.

I correctly addressed the whole target, but…

- I did not explain my thinking clearly, or

- I omitted details in my solution or explanation.

I might get feedback to improve the clarity of my explanations; I might find a non-routine or novel situation that would demonstrate my mastery.




My work is correct and addresses the entire learning target.

My explanations convey understanding.

I might demonstrate mastery by showing flexibility or sharing connections that could help others understand the nuances of the target.




My work shows flexibility and discusses pertinent connections.

I communicated my thinking in a way that could help others understand the nuances of this target.

Work that receives a “5” is thorough and compelling; you do not need to turn in additional evidence for this target. You might look for opportunities to help others with this.

Additional Comments:

List anything else you would like me to know (optional).

Created by Jon Hasenbank (ok to adapt for educational purposes)