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Travel & Immigration

Please read this form carefully before you make your travel plans.  

Arrival and Departure Times


Room occupancy for on-campus residents begins on the weekend prior to the first day of classes. Please plan to arrive no sooner than 11:00am on the Saturday and no later than 4:00pm on the Sunday before classes start so that you will arrive in time for the orientation session and dinner at 5:00pm on Sunday evening.  CanIL Visiting Staff and Faculty and all New Students should fill out their arrival and departure information on the Travel Form and send it well in advance to the Canada Institute of Linguistics.  If unforeseen circumstances cause a change of travel plans and arrival time, please contact CanIL as soon as possible 1-(888) 513-2129 or by email at


Plan to depart no earlier than the evening of the last day of class. Final classes, exams and a farewell celebration are scheduled for the last day of class and many students will need the entire day to complete and turn in major assignments.  Students who leave early and consequently miss a final exam must pay a $100 fee to reschedule the exam for an earlier time.  It is quite important that students attend every day of class due to the rigorous and condensed nature of the program.


Orientation activities often happen the day before the first day of classes. Give yourself plenty of time to get to CanIL, settle in, get familiar with the area and be prepared for orientation activities such as orientation meetings, signing up for insurance, paying your tuition and medical insurance, buying books, etc.

Travel Details

Travelling from within Canada

By Car:  Trinity Western is located about 30 km east of Vancouver on the Trans-Canada Highway #1.  

Search Google Maps ‘Canada Institute of Linguistics’ to get directly to the CanIL building on the TWU campus.

By Air:  

Abbotsford, BC  Airport - YXX (20 minutes away)

Vancouver, BC Airport - YVR (1 hour away)

By Bus:

Langley, BC Greyhound - 20471 Logan Ave. Langley (10 minutes away)

By Skytrain/Train:VIA Rail Pacific Central Station, Vancouver BC (1 hour away)

King George Skytrain Station, Surrey BC (30 minutes away)

Travelling from the United States

By Car: Please consider the following Border Crossings:

Peace Arch Crossing (most popular and open 24-hours)

Lynden/Aldergrove Crossing (open from 8am to midnight)

Sumas Crossing

Truck Route Crossing (Pacific Highway)

By Air:

Abbotsford, BC Airport (domestic) - YXX (20 minutes away)

Vancouver, BC Airport (international) - YVR (1 hour away)

Bellingham, WA Airport (domestic US) - BLI (45 minutes away)

Seattle, WA Airport (international) (must take shuttle or get yourself to Bellingham, if you wish for a CanIL pick-up)

By Bus:  BoltBus will drop you off in Bellingham, and you will need to get picked up at the depot there.

Pick-Up Costs

Please Note: CanIL offers a pick-up service for students who are enrolled in a CanIL training program and who are arriving by air, bus, or train. If you would like to be picked up from an airport or station, please indicate this on your Travel Form. Below are the nearest airports and stations for you to choose from as you make your travel plans. Note that if you request a pickup from CanIL there will be a pickup fee, payable to the driver who picks you up. Please have this fee ready to pay the person who collects you at the point of pickup.

Abbotsford Airport

$20 fee

Bellingham Airport

$40 fee

Vancouver Airport

$40 fee

Langley Greyhound

$10 fee

VIA Rail Pacific Central Station

$40 fee

King George SkyTrain Station

$20 fee


Obtaining a Study Permit to Enter Canada

We have collected some immigration information here for you. HOWEVER, please note that the information on the Govt of Canada website ( ALWAYS trumps the information found here. IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO RESEARCH THESE DETAILS. If you find that any of this information is outdated, please send us a direct link to the relevant page on the Govt of Canada website to let us know.

International students must have a valid passport. If you do not yet have a passport, you can download an application online and apply at a local government office in your town, such as a city hall or a post office.  This is usually about a 6 week process but can be expedited for a larger fee. All children also require passports.


Study Permit Requirement:

In some circumstances, students may not be required to obtain a study permit to enter Canada. (If your program of study is under 6 months, you may qualify for an exemption). To determine if a permit is required in your circumstances and to determine the best method for applying for a permit, see the Citizenship & Immigration Canada OP 12 Document at 

Students arriving from outside of North America will need to apply for their student visa well ahead of time. US citizens can either apply for a study permit ahead of time online, or fill out the forms at your Port of Entry (your border crossing or the first Canadian airport that you land in). (***BE SURE YOU HAVE ALL NECESSARY DOCUMENTATION WITH YOU).

PLEASE NOTE that you may also need an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) in order to travel to Canada. Please review the requirements here: eTA Requirements

(U.S. Citizens with a valid U.S. Passport do not need an eTA).


Airport Immigration

Non-Canadians travelling by air: If you are flying in from outside of Canada, you will go through Canadian Immigration at the airport.  For some students, this may be where you will obtain your study permit.  For others, you may already have a study permit. Either way, there will likely be a delay as you get through the immigration process. If you are being picked up by CanIL, we are already aware of the delays you are likely to experience and will wait as long as needed. Please note that this process will occur at your Port of Entry - the first Canadian airport at which you land. So, if you have a connecting flight in Toronto, ensure when purchasing your tickets that you have enough time between flights to go through immigration so that you do not miss your connecting flight to Vancouver. Please call CanIL at 1-888-513-2129 if you miss your connection so that we can arrange to pick you up at a different time.

What to do at Canadian Immigration

What NOT to Bring Across the Border