In 1964 there was a French baker who lived in a small cottage in a small town. Little did the baker know he was about to be a hero. The baker was in the middle of making some pasta and muffins for the shop. He was just about to put in the eggs when he realised they were off so he set off to get some new eggs. When he walked outside he saw snow coming down but when he picked up a snowflake he realised it was PVA glue falling from the sky! It was falling quicker and quicker and then the baker saw a bird stuck in a tree so he waddled over to the tree and unstuck the bird from the tree and waddled him inside. But as he walked in the little cottage he saw the rotten eggs had splattered onto the ceiling and the pasta dough on the floor and walls, and he looked outside and his whole house was surrounded by PVA glue and it was coming down the chimney so the baker ran upstairs to his top floor and hid when it finally stopped it was covering the whole bottom. But luckily the top floor was his bedroom and giant food storage room and bathroom. The baker lived happily until 1968