1:1 Parent Engagement Action Plan

Lissa Layman

ELS 616

Spring 2014


A PreK-12 international school in the Middle East is implementing a 1:1 technology initiative. In order to prepare students for the future, the school wants to integrate technology into the educational experience. The school is a private school with approximately 1800 students.

This action plan will address the barriers to parent involvement at this school; creating parent engagement, buy-in and agency; educating parents and continuously supporting them. It will be organized by the key pieces that must happen before and after the 1:1 implementation.


Parent Engagement, Buy-in & Agency

Before 1:1 Implementation

The priorities must be communicating with parents and involving them in decision making from the very beginning. Parents must feel as though their voice is heard and their input is valued. The school must be open and honest about their plans and practice transparency.

Parent Education

Before 1:1 Implementation

After 1:1 Implementation

Continuing Support

After 1:1 Implementation

Parents must not feel as though their input and involvement is no longer valued once the schools implements the 1:1 program.