Bibliography Guidelines

What is a bibliography?

 A bibliography is a list of the books, periodical articles, resources from the internet and other materials of a specific author or publisher


Why do I need a bibliography?

 A bibliography helps you know where you got your information from and it lets your teacher know you are giving proper credit for your sources of information.

What do I include in a bibliography?

 You should list every source you use such as a book, a movie, a website, an interview or any information that did not come from you.  The bibliography goes at the end of your assignment.  

You can use the google docs EASYBIB bibliography  to record your sources as you find them.  Simply click on add-ons and then add your websites and books as you use them. Click here for quick video on how to get and use this app.


or you could try REFME ….download (79).jpg

This is a good alternative if you have an apple device and cannot download the EasyBib app.

or make your own bibliography...

Remember to 

* Alphabetize by an author's last name

* If no author, go by the first main word of the title

*Use the bibliography style that your teacher requests.  If you are not given a particular style to follow, use the guide below.


1.  Book with one author:

        Blodgett, E.D. Bush Craft. Boston:Twayne, 2006.


2. Book with more than one author:

        Elwood, Ann, and Linda C. Wood.  Windows in Space.

        New York: Walker, 1998.


3. Article in a magazine:

        Duncan, Dave, "A Matter of Machines" North and South, July 15, 2007, pp36-38.


4. Article in a newspaper:

        Smith, Angela "New Zealanders Row to Gold Medal," The Press, March 13 2008. p. A4.


5. Article in an encyclopaedia:

        "Tornadoes." The New Zealand Encyclopaedia. 2001.


6.  Information from the Internet:

         Include the web site address and the date the information was retrieved. (June 2, 2006)