Den Leader's Guide to TroopTrack

As a Den Leader, you should have permission to access all of your Den members' information within TroopTrack.

Besides Parents/Guardians' contact info, you'll most likely need to know about entering in participation and achievements -- so I'll outline that for you here.

Your most common activities will likely be to record attendance at activities and completion of achievements that occur at Den Meetings, Campouts and other occasions. Since you'll be recording these items for every Den member that has attended, you'll likely want to make this as efficient as possible by using some bulk editing features.

For example, to record attendance -- participation -- you start at the calendar entry for the particular event, be it a Den Meeting, Pack Meeting, Campout or Whatever. You find the whole calendar here:  When you click on an individual event, you will have the option to "Record Attendance" or to "View Details and RSVP," among other things.  

The first step is to Record Attendance, so click on that option. You can also select this from the Attendance menu when you're on the Details/RSVP page for a particular event. Once you've done that, you'll find yourself on a page that has a list of Scouts and Parents along the left hand side of the screen. You can filter those by Den or by RSVP Status to make it easier for you to find the correct individuals.

On this page, you check off who attended in the "Attended" column, and you can add Uniform info for events, as well. I'm not sure how we want to do this, but I'm thinking "full" uniform should be recorded whenever they are in the correct -- Class A or Class B -- uniform for the particular occasion.

If there are other things we are recording -- Tent Nights, Cabin Nights, Hiking Miles, Service Hours, etc. -- you can also do that on this page. Before an event takes place, you can use this page to RSVP on behalf of your own family or others -- select those who are attending by checking on the very left hand box, then pull down "yes" in the "coming?" column. After an event, you can record participation.

When you've finished selecting everything you need to on this page, go to the bottom and click on the button that says "Update Event."  That will record all of the info you have input.

Once you have recorded Attendance, you can record badge requirements that were accomplished at that meeting, campout, etc. To do that, you go back to the Event Details & RSVP page, and you'll see a button that says "Record Awards Progress for Attendees."

When you click on that, you'll come to a page where the attendees will be checked off on the left hand side of the page. The date will also be filled in. On the right, you select from the drop-down menu to choose the badge or award that was worked toward at that event.


Once you select the badge or award, you will see all of the steps needed to complete the requirements. There,  you can check off the particular activities that were completed by the attendees of that event. When you're done, click "Record Progress" and those achivements will be recorded for those attendees.

Currently, most of the boys' records are only showing past achievements, because they haven't started to work on this year's achievements yet.

If you'd like to record bulk progress not associated with a particular event, you can go to the Achievements>>Record Progress (Bulk) page

You then select the Scouts in your Den (or whoever was actually there for that Den meeting) on the left-hand side. Choose the date when something was achieved.


Then, use the Pull-Down under "What did you work on" to indicate the thing they were working on. For example: The Webelos Badge (2015+)

Once you've selected that a Scout has STARTED working on a particular badge or Adventure or whatever, it will show up in his individual Advancement page -- including all of the non-completed items.

For each individual, you can click "Start Achievement" on their profile Advancement page, select the thing they are working on, and it will be added to their page (with nothing complete). As a test, I added the Bear badge to my son's Achievement page, so you can see it here:

So if you ever need to add records for individual Scouts, rather than for all the attendees at a particular event, you can do it that way. You go to the Achievements tab in their profile and either click "Start Achievement" and you select awards and check off steps completed.

You'll notice that in the individual profile Achievements, everything is organized into Rank-related items -- see Bear, Wolf above -- and there's tab for Other. Other is for items like the Texas Badge or Summertime Pack Award that can be earned at any time during a Cub Scout's tenure.

The other task you'll likely be performing is communicating with Parents/Guardians about upcoming activities and about their Scout's progress. Most of that will take place in the Communications menu under "Send an Email." There you can send an email to everyone in the Den (select bear@ or wolf@ or tiger@ or webelos1@ or webelos2@).

To send an email to an individual parent or to several parents (or anyone else!), go to the same "send an email" page and find  the box that says "select some options." When you click into that box, you can choose from a dropdown of everyone who is a TroopTrack/Pack member. If you start typing a person's name, it will narrow it down so you can find the person you want easily.



If you want to link to any resource within TroopTrack, you can include the whole URL of the resource (for example, the calendar page shows up as  -- you can find that in the URL section of your browser when you are on the particular page. That should work for things like events and also for documents in the Sharing section -- though you may have to right click on the link to the document to actually see the URL and not simply download the resource to your own computer.

That said, some links are not the same for everyone. For example, if I go to my own personal profile, the URL will contain my unique user number. So, if I share that with someone else, they won't necessarily be able to see what I see, if they don't have access to my profile. To distinguish the difference, look at the URL and see if there's a string of numbers in it. If so, it's probably better to just describe to a Parent/Guardian how to navigate to the resource in TroopTrack.

Please note that though you, as a Den Leader, have access to information about everyone in your Den, most of the Parents are limited to viewing and editing information about their own household and their own child(ren). Other leaders may have a view of their own Dens or perhaps of the entire Pack, if they need to be able to access it all. If you have any problems with your access level or have feedback, please let me know as the settings can be tweaked somewhat.

There's also a shortcut to take advantage of if your aim is to update a parent about his/her child's progress toward awards. When you are on the Scout's profile page, you can select "Reports" and, in the dropdown, choose "Email Achievement Report." You can then select who should receive that report.