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1st and 2nd Grade News

Friday, November 17,2017Free illustration: Turkey, Thanksgiving, Cartoon - Free Image on ...

There will be NO spelling tests this week!  Happy Thanksgiving!

I will send home speaking parts for our Christmas service.  We will work on them at school, but please help them at home.

We would like the kids to have costumes for the service but we will need help.  

Next week your children are going to write a prayer for Thanksgiving.  It would be great if they could read it at your Thanksgiving celebration!

We have MUCH to be thankful for.  Don’t forget to worship on Thanksgiving Eve  9:00 AM  or 7:00 pm.

November 10, 2017

Thank you for coming to conferences!  I was very proud of your children and how they led the conference.  Your children are Rock Stars!

The children made cards today for Veteran’s Day.  Some of them brought their cards home because they have someone in their family, or someone they know, that they want to give or send the card to.  Thank you for helping them with this.  The rest of the cards we will give to Veterans in our congregation.

I helped some of the children find a non- fiction book for their book project.  If you already have a book from home that is fine.  Just send the book I gave them back to school.  The book projects are due November 30, 2017.

Obviously, as the weather gets colder your child will need to have an appropriate outdoor coat.  We will go outside most days unless the temperature is too low or conditions are too miserable.

The book fair will be open this weekend for after church shopping.  Monday we will pack it up for another year.  There were some great books for Christmas gifts!  Thank you for your support.  Each teacher was able to shop for new books for the classroom and the AR library.

If you have internet access there is a fun web site for studying spelling words.  The web site is www. spellingcity.com .  After you get to the site you need to find our school and then look for me in the teachers section.  The current word list should be on the site.  There are fun games and activities you can use to study your words.

First Grade - Green Group!  Your spelling test will be on Thursday, November 16th!  A  do  me  how  show  have  long  sing  cattle  candle  king  sing  bring  long  song  strong  handle  battle  rattle

First grade - White Group!  Your spelling test will be on Tuesday! (11-14-17

November 3, 2017

First grade - White group

Your new list of words came home during the week.

 Your test will be November 13, 2017

Book report project  information came home Friday.  This month your child is to read or have read to them, a non-fiction book.  I would be happy to help them find a book at school.  They need to let me know and we will search together!

Pizza Hut - Book It!  Sheets are in the mailboxes.  A very important piece of information is attached to the sheet.  It explains WHY your child should read at home EVERY SINGLE DAY.  The statistics don’t lie.

Your child has started preparing for the student led conferences for next week.  We will be doing more practice next week.  They are nervous and excited to talk to you about how they are doing in school.

October 27, 2017

The goal for reading books for Book It! Was only 8 books for the month.  I hope you read at least 8 books to your child in a month.  So far only three kids have gotten their pizza certificate.  You have until Tuesday to turn the slip in.  Eight books - I know you can do this.

Let’s do this again!  Last week was fun.  I learned that only five people read this note.  Interesting!   If you read this please tell your child to tell me the code word.  They will get something special.  The code word is……..LOVE

First Grade - White Group  test on Monday

A  do  me  how  show  have  long  sing  cattle  candle  king  sing  bring  long  song  strong  handle  battle  rattle

First Grade - Green Group  Unit three words

A  do  me  how  show  have  long  sing  cattle  candle  king  sing  bring  long  song  strong  handle  battle  rattle

Second grade words  5-2-4

Saw, dawn, call, small, haul,  fault,  almost, awful, done, also, salt,give, always, walk, live, fault, talk, love

Half day on Friday, November 3, 2017!

October 20, 2017



The Loon’s game is scheduled for May 15, 2018 for those who want to plan ahead!