Stop the Hate – Essay Contest


Due Date:  12/12/2016



1.    Describe an incident in which you or someone you know was treated unfairly     and explain why the judgment was wrong.                                        _____ / 10

             a.  Be thorough

             b.  NO SPECIFIC NAMES


2.  Personal reaction                                                                                  _____ / 10        

             a.  How did the experience affect you?                                                               

b.  What have you done and what will you do to help end intolerance and create a more inclusive community?



4.  Spelling, grammar, style                                                           _____ / 10

             a.  Diction/Syntax:

             b.  Spelling/Punctuation/Grammar

         C. Transitions/flow


Total:             _____ / 30  



An above average essay…