Jhatkaa.org launches second online campaign targeting Unilever global CEO

On the eve of the exciting announcement by ex-workers and Hindustan Unilever that a compensation agreement had been reached between both parties, Jhatkaa.org partnered with the Chennai Solidarity Group and The Other Media to launch a second online petition targeting Unilever global CEO Paul Polman. While celebrating victory on the ex-workers compensation, these three campaigning groups are demanding that Polman step up once again to ensure that his company’s mercury contamination in Kodaikanal is cleaned up to a high standard.

“Unilever CEO Paul Polman has repeated time and again his commitment to environmental responsibility,” said Rachita Taneja, senior campaigner at Jhatkaa.org. “His Twitter account even touts the idea of ‘business as a force for good.’ But how good can a business be good if it leaves large amounts of toxic mercury on the ground for 15 years?

“It’s past-time for Unilever to clean up is mercury mess in Kodaikanal to a high standard of 6.6 mg/kg. And we will continue to lift up the hundreds of thousands of voices who have joined this campaign since last July until Unilever does just that.”

The learn more about this campaign’s history, the cleanup standard, and to view our new petition, visit:


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Rachita Taneja, Jhatkaa.org: 07760052603