Look! It's Apocalypse!

"From now on, war will be fought not with swords, but with guns and cannons that require neither soul nor skill. I don't want to see such times. I want to die a warrior."

Age: 30s

Weapons: Armstrong Cannon, Grenade Launcher

Fighting Style: Point and shoot

Allies: Enishi, Otowa, Mumyoi, Banshin and Gein

Enemies: Kenshin and his friends

First appearance: Revenge Arc

Biography: Joins forces with Enishi to get revenge on Kenshin for refusing to kill him after slicing off his right arm during the Battle of Toba Fushimi. Blows up the Akabeko even though he enjoyed the food. Also fights Yahiko.

Personality Profile: Goes into berserker rages, but is very polite to women. Hates Kenshin for cutting off his sword arm, then denying him a warrior's death.

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