Italy Project


Use Keynote to prepare a slideshow of the following:


1.     The following American chefs are experts in Italian Cuisine. Choose one: Lidia

Bastianich, Giada de Laurentiis, Mario Batali and research the following about your chef:

·      Slide 1: Biography - born, personal life, growing up, hobbies, etc

·      Slide 2: Education -what kind of culinary education did this chef receive?

·      Slide 3: Career highlights – restaurants owned or worked in, cookbooks,

awards and honors. What stands out in this chef’s career?

·      Slide 4: Find one recipe from this chef – paste the recipe & a photo onto this



2.     Choose one region of Italy from the 20 listed:  or


·      Slide 5: Describe ingredients commonly used in the region (pictures!)

·      Slide 6: Paste one recipe from this region & a photo

·      Slide 7: Location on a map of Italy (just an image will be fine)

·      Slide 8: Name two interesting facts about the region & include a photo of the