Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown

Custom Portrait Guide

By Calamitous, updated 12/17/2019


  • Portrait Mod Template
  • Rajdhani Font - Font used on the portraits
  • UE4 Editor 4.18 - Rythus’s custom lightweight builder of UE4 Editor.
  • u4pak Python script - For packing the assets into format that Ace Combat 7 can read. Also includes directory template and .bat file for executing the script.
  • Python 3 - Required to run u4pak script. Any versions above 3 should work. Python 2 will not work with the script provided.

Editing Process

Download the template and Rajdhani font above. Crop the character that you want to make a portrait of to about 188x188 pixels. You may downscale the image in order to include more of the character’s image in the portrait if need be.

        Open the template with Photoshop. If you don’t have Photoshop, use Photopea. It’s free and can import/edit PSD just fine, unlike GIMP or other non-Photoshop editing software.

There are four Name layers and two Affiliation layers. You must change every layer when you make a new portrait.

Begin editing the text. Replace every single layer with the appropriate part. They MUST match, or it will look off!

Once you’re done, save as a png file.

Cooking and Packing

Congratulations. The hard part is over.

        Import the png file into UE4 Editor and rename it to the appropriate name used in the files. A full list can be found here. Change its texture group to UI.

Cook the files, then put them in your Nimbus folder for packing. The filepath to make is Nimbus\Content\UI\HUD\SubtitleSpeakerPortrait.

Pack it up, put _P at the end of the filename to make sure it will work, and then import into your AC7 mod folder, then enjoy!