Eportfolio Assessment Rubric

Weight criteria as appropriate

Not achieved




Subject Knowledge


Coherence of argument and artefacts

Does not address topic, context or key points. Most ideas are underdeveloped, unoriginal, or lack relevancy/critical thought. Artefacts do not support argument or are not included

Content indicates thinking and reasoning applied with original thought on a few ideas. Not all key points included or fully developed. Some artefacts included which support argument

Content indicates original thinking and develops ideas with sufficient evidence. Key points covered. Clear argument supported by appropriate, relevant artefacts

Content indicates synthesis of ideas, indepth analysis and evidences original thought and support for the topic. Thoughtful artefacts selected that advance main argument.

Creativity with Multimedia

No inclusion of audio/video, or graphics or photos, audio or video are distracting/no relevant to the content of the portfolio.

Audio/video/graphics/ photographs are included but used without purpose or design in mind. Some artefacts may not function correctly.

The use of audio/video/graphics/ photographs are appropriate and contribute to understanding concepts, ideas and relationship. The artefacts enhance the written material and create interest.

Innovative use of audio/video/graphics/ photographs is integrated seamlessly into several different artefacts. They effectively enhance understanding of concepts, ideas and relationships, and create interest.

Appropriate Academic Conventions



Spelling & Grammar

Poor or incorrect use of required referencing scheme. Multiple spelling or grammatical errors. Copyright references not included for artefacts.

Inaccurate use of required referencing scheme. Some spelling or grammatical errors. Some care has been given to copyright and fair usage of images/artefacts.

Largely accurate use of required referencing scheme. Few spelling or grammatical errors. Copyright and fair usage of images/artefacts noted.

Excellent grammar, spelling, syntax and punctuation. Content fully supported by reference to relevant, up to date, and accurate referencing.. Copyright and fair usage issues well considered

Usability & Navigation

Organisation and structure is confusing. The navigation links are poor or missing making navigation difficult. Many external hyperlinks do not link to the appropriate website or resource. Structure of page/s is inappropriate for purpose.

Some navigation links included to provide structure. Some external hyperlinks do not connect to the appropriate website or resource. Structure of page/s does not always support purpose.

Organisation, structure and flow of the portfolio page/s is clear. Navigation links function well. Most external hyperlinks link to appropriate websites or resources.

Well organised page/s and structure facilitates the readers’ accessibility and navigation to the content. Navigation links seamlessly to other pages and external hyperlinks present and working to websites and resources.

Level  of Reflection

Reflective writing is limited to description or missing and does not explain growth or include goals for continued learning

Reflective writing is present and occasionally includes more than description by connecting ideas or artefacts together. Some reflective writing demonstrates relevancy of artefacts in the e-portfolio. A few of the reflections explain growth and include goals for continued learning.

Reflective writing often make connections, explains importance, or projects into the future, but not consistently so. Most of the reflections describe relevancy of artefacts in the eportfolio. Most of the reflections explain growth and include goals for continued learning.

Reflections are insightful and work together to consistently synthesize learning experiences and demonstrate critical thinking. All reflections clearly describe relevancy of  artefacts in the eportfolio and clearly explain how the artefact demonstrates growth, competencies, accomplishments, and include goals for continued learning 

Design & Originality

Design choices are simplistic, inappropriate or disorganised. Colour, font, space, and layout are haphazard and distract from the message

Design choices are often appropriate, but some choices of colour, font, space, or layout are ineffective in supporting the message or inconsistent

Design choices are consistently appropriate and support the message. Choices are well thought out and creative/attractive

Design choices are consistently appropriate, enhance readability and support the message, These choices are consistently sophisticated and original/creative/attractive

Full credit and sincere thanks to participants at the Eportfolio Unconference (Dublin, 2018) for their collaborative contributions to the development of this eportfolio assessment rubric.

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