NYT Golden Rice 3A's Article Summary

To help us capture the main points in the two articles on golden rice, we are going to read for the 3 A’s (see below). Read through your article and look for the main points below.   Select quotes, figures, or segments that are interesting to you. Highlight and mark as needed.  If reading an online copy, divide a piece of paper into fours, one for each category below and an extra for comments that don’t fit the categories.

  1. What are the main ARGUMENTS  (or ideas) being made in the text?
  2. What can you ANALYZE from the text?
  3. What ASSOCIATIONS  do you make to prior learning or other subjects?

NY Times: Golden Rice, Lifesaver?

In-Class Directions:


  1. As a group, have each person identify one argument in the text, citing the text (with page numbers) as evidence.
  2. Discuss the remaining A’s, taking them one at a time but moving seamlessly from one A to the next.
  3. We will end the discussion with a whole class debrief.