T3P3 Kossel Mini Kit

Assembly Instructions

Chapter 7 - Z-probe Assembly

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701 Z-probe - Parts needed

Printed Z-probe holder

Prepared Z-probe microswitch

L-shaped 1.6mm brass rod

Prepared safety-pin spring

Ballpoint pen spring

Screw terminal block

M2.5 x 12 socket capscrews x 3

15mm length of 1.6mm heatshrink

702 Z-probe Assembly

Insert the safety-pin spring into the small hole at the top of the printed Z-probe holder. Secure with one of the M2.5 x 12 socket capscrews.

Fit the microswitch with the cable leading to the right as shown in the picture, using another two M2.5 x 12 socket capscrews.  Be careful not to overtighten them!

Insert the L-shape brass probe into its groove/hole from above. Ensure the brass probe moves smoothly through the hole - if it doesn’t then smooth the hole and the slot.

Fit the ball point spring and screw terminal from below, compress the spring fully with the rod in the retracted position as shown in the picture, and tighten the terminal screws.

Trigger the probe by flicking the short leg past the safety-pin spring into the deployed position. Confirm it is pushed down hard enough by the spring(s) to activate the microswitch - you should hear it click.

Push the probe leg back up past the safety-pin spring and check that it retracts correctly.  You may need to bend the safety-pin spring leg to adjust the force required.

Repeat several times to confirm that the probe will work reliably. You may need to grease the brass rod during commissioning.

NOTE:   It may be necessary to add another ballpoint pen spring to ensure reliable operation.

Fit the length of 1.6mm heatshrink to the short leg of the brass probe. This is to prevent possible long-term wear on the timing belt which is used to deploy the Z-probe.

703 Z-probe Disassembly

NOTE: The Z-probe design used for the E3D V6 hot-end is mounted with the long leg outboard of the effector and therefore does not need to be disassembled.  

The disassembly procedure described below is only required for printers with J-head hot-ends

Remove the L-shaped rod, spring and screw terminal - these can only be finally fitted after the Z-probe holder is mounted on the effector plate. Set aside for the next step.