(all roles in alphabetical order)

General Questions:

`Why do you want to do the DCP?

`What can you offer the company?

`Tell me about a magical moment you’ve had at a Disney park.

`Are you familiar with the Disney Parks, resorts and Orlando/Anaheim area?

`Are you willing to maintain the Disney look?

`What are three positive things about yourself?

`What are three negative qualities about yourself?

`What are you looking forward to the most?

`What are you hoping to get out of the Disney college program?

`What roles do you feel you’re best suited for even if we haven’t already covered them, and why?

`What does Disney mean to you?

`How will the college program help you professionally?

`What are your top 3-5 roles?

`What makes you a good candidate for the program?

`How would you handle a natural disaster?

`Do you have any tattoos/piercings?  How many?  Where?  How big are your tattoos (they’ll ask you for inches)?

`Do you have a valid driver’s license?  Would you be comfortable operating a vehicle?

`Are you bilingual?  How did you learn another language?

Work Experience Questions:

`Tell me about some of your past work experience and how those jobs may qualify you for any of the roles at Disney.

`Do you prefer a fast paced environment or slow?

`Tell me about a time when you worked a busier than normal day.  How did you handle it and were you comfortable?

`Do you prefer to work inside or outside? (Florida has some crazy weather like rainstorms, extreme heat, etc)

`Do you prefer to work alone or in a group setting?

`How would you handle an emergency?  Tell me about a time when you had to handle an emergency.

`Describe a situation where you had to deal with a difficult coworker or boss.  Tell you me how you handled the situation.

`3 words your coworkers/managers would use to describe you

`Tell me about a challenging work experience

`Tell me about a time when you had a difficult customer.  How did you handle that situation?

`How would you handle a guest who doesn’t speak English but clearly needs help?

`Do you mind working mornings, evenings, late nights, weekends and holidays?

`Tell me about a time when you were a team player.

`Tell me about a time when you went out of your way for a guest or made them feel extra special.

Living Experience Questions:

`Have you lived with roommates before?  Tell me about that experience.

`Would you be comfortable living with other people?  How about living with up to 7 other people?

`Have you ever had a conflict with a roommate?  How did you handle it?

`What do you think the worst part about Disney housing will be?

`Are you comfortable with working and living far away from home?

`How would you handle a roommate disagreement?

`How would you feel about possibly having international roommates?

Alumni Questions:

`What would you do different this program?

`Why do you want to work for Disney again?

`Is there anything you regret not doing your last program, or regret doing?

`Tell me about a magical moment you made.

`What were the best and worst things about your previous program(s)?

`How would working for the company again help you with your future career goals?

Attractions Questions:

`If you were doing a task that was repetitive, how would you keep yourself interested?

`Have you ever spoken in front of a large group of people before?  Are you comfortable doing that?

`Are you comfortable with a spiel?  What would you do if you messed up your spiel?

`What would you do if a child was to short to ride your ride?

`What would you tell a guest that wanted to get on an attraction but it was out of service?

`Would you be willing to assist with crowd control during parades?

`How do you feel about operating a ride?

`Are you comfortable memorizing lengthy speeches?


Bell Services/Dispatch/Greeter Questions:

`Are you willing and able to carry heavy (up to 50lbs) luggage (including overhead)?

`Are you comfortable talking to guests on the phone?

`Are you comfortable being the first cast member that a guest interacts with on their vacation?

`How would you describe this role?

`What would you do if a large tour bus needed to be unloaded and the available bellhop did not want to do it?

Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique/Pirate’s League Questions:

`What experience do you have with children?

`Do you have any experience working with hair and makeup?

`Do you have any salon work experience?

`What would you do if a child was hesitant to about getting dressed up or getting hair and makeup done?

`How would you handle a situation where a parent didn’t like the hair or makeup that was done or thought it was too much?

Bus Greeter Questions:

`Sometimes guests could be waiting for up to 20 for a bus, what would you talk about with the guests while they’re waiting?

Character Attendant Questions:

`Why do you want to be a character attendant?

`What does character integrity mean to you?

`How do you feel about speaking in front of large groups of people?

`What would you do if a guest was being violent or inappropriate towards a character?

`What would you do if a child was afraid of a character?

`What would you tell guests if you had to turn them away because the line to meet a character was closed?

`What would you tell someone that asked why a character isn’t speaking?

`How would you tell someone that your character has to leave for the day or for a break?

`What would you tell someone asking why a character is in more than one park?

Character Performer Questions:

`How would you act as a character performer?

`Do you have any experience in theatre, dance, or performing in general?

`What would you do if a child was scared of you while in costume?

`Are you planning on attending an audition?  Where?

Children’s Activities Questions:

`What experience do you have working with children?

`How would you handle an emergency with a child?

`Would you be comfortable cleaning up after children?

`How would you keep children entertained for an extended period of time where there was nothing to do?

`Would you be willing to teach the line dance?

Concierge Questions:

`What do you think the duties are of the concierge?

`How are you experienced in this role?

`How would you make each guest feel special?

`Do you have any cash handling experience?

`Do you have experience handling large sums of cash?

`How do you feel about working with a computerized reservation system?

Convention Guide Questions:

`Are you familiar with EPCOT and the world showcase?

`What do you like about EPCOT and the world showcase pavilions?

`How would you handle a guest that isn’t involved in an event asking a question, while you were walking with a large group attending the event?

`Name two countries in the world showcase (they might even ask more, but I’ve been told 2 so far).

`Describe Illuminations!

Costuming Questions:

`Are you comfortable operating an advanced costume checkout computer?

`Are you willing and able to carry heavy (up to 50lbs) costumes to different locations?

`Would you be comfortable working independently?

`How do you feel about working backstage with minimal guest contact?

`Are you willing to operate basic laundry equipment?

`Are you able to stand for over 2 hours at a time?

`Do you have any experience in sewing and/or handling sewing machine equipment?

`Are you able to sew buttons and/or zippers? - Do you know how to sew them on with a machine?

`What’s your experience in theatre costuming?

`Are you able to lift up to 25 pounds at a time?

Custodial Questions:

`Do you have any experience with cleaning?

`Are you allergic to any chemicals, cleaning supplies, or latex?

`Can you handle talking to multiple people at a time and multitasking?

`Can you handle working up to 8 hours a day outside?

`Are you comfortable with emptying trash cans and lifting heavy garbage bags?

`Are you willing to bus tables in restaurants and outdoors?

`Are you comfortable working for long periods of time outside in the heat, rain, or cold?

Floral Questions:

`Would you be able to drive a larger truck?

`Would you be able to operate a forklift and jack pallet?

`Do you have any experience in making gift baskets?

`Would you be comfortable with very heavy boxes/items?

Front Desk Questions:

`How do you feel about being trained on a computer reservation system?

`How would you make a guest feel special as they begin their Disney vacation?

`What would you do if you were working the front desk and the guests wanted a non-smoking pool view room and there were none available?

`How would you recommend a restaurant to a guest?

Hopper Questions:

`Are you comfortable with working in multiple locations and parks?

`Are you willing to learn the setup and layout of multiple parks, areas, and stores?

Housekeeping Questions:

`Are you comfortable working with cleaning chemicals?

`How do you feel about working in a guest’s room while they are not there?

`Are you able to work independently with little to no guest contact?

Lifeguard Questions:

`Are you comfortable working for long periods of time in the Florida heat?

`Are you willing to work in another role during off-peak seasons?

`Are you comfortable with spending long periods of time standing in water?

`What would you do in the event of a guest injury or illness?

`Are you CPR certified?

`Can you watch groups of people at one time?

`Do you believe you are able to pass the swim test?

`Do you consider yourself a strong swimmer?

Merchandise Questions:

`Do you have cash handling experience?

`What would you do if your store was out of an item, or didn’t carry it at all?

`Practice basic math, they may ask things like, a  bag of chips is $1.50 and the guest wants 3.  How much do you give them back if they hand you $10?

`As a merchandise cast member you will have to take part in pin trading as long as safety allows it.  Would you be comfortable trading pins with guests and even having the possibility of children grabbing your lanyard?

`If you are ringing up a guest, the phone rings, and another guest has a question or needs help with something, what would you do first, second and last?

`Are you comfortable suggesting items to guests based on first impressions?

`Are you willing to work independently outdoors at a cart?

Monorail Questions:


Photopass Photographer Questions:

`What experience do you have working with camera equipment?

`Are you comfortable with operating a digital camera?

`Have you ever used a DSLR camera before?

`Would you be comfortable carrying up to 15 pounds for your shifts?

`Would you be comfortable using equipment waist-deep in water?

`How do you feel about achieving monthly sales goals and suggesting products?

`Are you comfortable working in several different parks, potentially all in the same week?

`How do you feel about a guest refusing a picture?

Quick Service Food and Beverage Questions:

`Are you comfortable preparing simple food items, which may include using a fryer, grill, or other cooking equipment?

`Would you be willing to wash dishes or bus tables?

`Are you comfortable selling alcohol?

`Are you able to multitask?

`Are you comfortable handling cash and using a cash register?

`How do you feel about working independently at a food cart?

Recreation Questions:

`Are you willing to train with arcades and other recreational facilities?

`Do you believe you will be able to pass the swim test?

`Are you willing to work in another role during the off-season?

`Are you CPR certified?

`How do you feel about working for long periods of time outdoors and around water?

`Would you feel comfortable driving a boat with or without guests on it?

`What would you say to a guest that was refusing to wear a lifejacket while operating a watercraft?

`What does recreation mean to you?

Seater Questions:

`Are you comfortable handling cash and using a register?

`Are you willing to spend long periods of time rolling silverware and folding napkins?

`Have you ever managed a seating chart?  If not, are you willing to learn?

`What would you tell a guest if they wanted to eat at a restaurant, but there are no tables available for several hours?

`Describe a time where you may have dealt with a very busy shift when there were more people than tables (plan on something like this if you have host/ess experience already).

Vacation Planner Questions:

`What do you think the duties of a vacation planner are?

`Are you comfortable handling large amounts of money and achieving monthly sales goals?

`How do you feel about working in multiple parks, potentially all four in a week?

`Are you willing to help with crowd control during parades?

`Are you comfortable working with a computerized ticket system offering over 100 different ticket combinations?

`How do you work while under pressure?

Watercraft Questions:

`Would you feel comfortable driving a boat with or without guests on it?

`What would you say to a guest that was refusing to wear a lifejacket while operating a watercraft?

Questions to ask the interviewer:

`How did you get started with Disney (keep in mind that they get asked this a lot, and not all of them will want to talk about themselves, so don’t get upset or bothered if they tell you the interview is about you or anything.  In fact, you can use that to say it is still about you because you’re interested in staying with the company long term and want to know more about how people get to where they are)?

`Is it ok if I request a specific work location at this time (keep in mind that they can’t guarantee a request, but they can take note of it)?

`Would you recommend taking classes?  How do classes work?  Which classes do you recommend?

`Would it be good to take a car?

`Did you ever do the college program (if they didn’t already tell you they had done the program in the other question)?  If so, how did you like it and where did you work?

`Can you tell me about your Disney career?

`Do you have any magical moments or experiences that you love to tell people?

`What kind of qualities does recruiting look for in future CPs?

`When should I expect to hear back on whether or not I have been accepted?

`What can you tell me about the voluntEARS program?