Volleyball Tournament Nutrition Guide
by Kevin Keegan

Night Before

Morning Of

In Between Matches

End of Day


Large, balanced meal

Light meal

Light snacks

Recovery meal


Carbohydrate rich – include pasta / rice

Some carbohydrates – bagel, whole wheat toast, granola

High carbohydrate energy bars – granola, Clif, Power, sandwiches (quarter cut)

Carbohydrates for replenishment – sandwich, pasta, pizza, etc.


Adequate protein – chicken, fish, beef

Low fat and moderate protein – yogurt, lean meat (sandwich meat)

Moderate  protein – jerky, cheese, lean meat

Protein – lean meat, yogurt, milk / chocolate milk


Cruciferous vegetables (boost immune system) – broccoli, cauliflower, arugula, beets, etc.

Avoid sweets

Fruit – bananas, apples, berries, carrot sticks, celery, broccoli (avoid high fat dips)

Fruits and vegetables


Extra water consumption

Juice or water

Water or diluted sports drinks

Extra water consumption

General recommendations

  • Important not to try new foods on tournament day, these can lead to GI issues that can hinder ability to play.  
  • Important to have snacks available that the players will eat, so they don’t run out of energy.
  • Tournaments are germ factories, make a habit of washing hands with soap/water to avoid getting coughs/colds in multi-day tournaments
  • Follow “Night Before” meal recommendation for evenings on multi-day tournaments