Thank you for contributing to Oppia! Here are links to some useful documentation:

Index of all documentation:

How to contribute:

Steps for making code changes: 

Contact us: through the IRC channel (go to #openhatch-oppia) or at

The following is a list of tasks that we think are especially suitable for newcomers, but if you would like to contribute in a different way that isn’t listed here, or have a specific idea for a contribution, please reach out! (Also, if you would mainly like to code or fix bugs, please scroll down to point 4 in the doc.) Please let us know before starting work on one of these issues (besides the ones directly involving so that we can avoid duplication of effort.

1. Create a new exploration on that teaches/explains something substantial, and let us know about any difficulties you run into!

2. Find defects in the issue tracker that seem to be insufficiently specified, and try to reproduce them; the aim is to ensure that each defect has full instructions on how to reproduce it starting from a freshly downloaded instance of Oppia. If it doesn't, please add a comment to it so that it does. If you can’t figure out how to reproduce it please add a comment asking the author for reproduction instructions.

3. The images in our introductory playthrough are out of date, and need to be updated. If you’re interested in helping with this, please ask Sean for wiki access!

4. Here are some bugs in the issue tracker that should be accessible. If you can fix any of them, that would be wonderful! Please feel free to reach out to one of the Oppia team members if you’d like any guidance on where to start.

Also, when you start working on a bug, please claim it for yourself by assigning it to you in the issue tracker, so that we know who is working on what. If it’s assigned to someone else, please talk to that other person before changing who the bug is assigned to, since they may have already made progress on it. (Or both of you could work together!)

5. Improve existing explorations on by adding feedback and learning paths to make them more engaging and effective. Along the way, you might notice things that could be made smoother or easier; please give us feedback on how to do this by filing new issues in the issue tracker!