2015, we hope, has been a good year for you.

Here are some of our happy moments of this year.

Thanks for sharing these with us, then and now.
Let’s all share more happiness in 2016.

thanks to

Institute of Medicine

for placing Brush Up in top two innovations of 2015

thanks to

White House Office of Science & Technology Policy


for inviting us in -  to help plan game-based education

thanks to

US Patent and Trademark Office

for awarding Patent 20110131261 to the AlgebrActor

thanks to

Boeing Commercial Aircraft

for a game to help engineers acquire fluid design skills

thanks to

Light Industry (NYC) & Paul Slocum


for Mike Builds a Shelter exhibition and scholarly lecture  

thanks to

Atlanta Mobile Marketing Organization


for Brush Up’s AMMO Award:--Best Mobile Game of 2015

thanks to

Sunny Day Pediatric Dentistry

First practice to get Brush Up for its patients

thanks to

49,000 Kids - and their Parents

Our initial wave of Brush Up players.

thanks to

organizers of events where we share, show off, meet and learn

  • ED Games Expo (Ed Metz)
  • Games For Health   (Beth Bryant)
  • Serious Play  (Susan Bohle)
  • Society for Simulation in Healthcare (Eric Baumann)
  • Pediatric Research Conference (Drs Wetmore & West)
  • SIEGE (Andrew Greenberg)
  • Online Training  (Julie Groshens)
  • Higher Ed Games (Constance, Eric)
  • American Academy of Pediatric Dentists (Colleen, Jessica)
  • TVIS Pioneer Club (Linda Gottfried)

In 2016 - let's all share more happiness.


Dov, Jesse, Steph, Judy, Jon, Ling, Daniel, Tierra, Yannis, Celia,  Catlin, Trevor, Justin, Vernon, Joyce, Dr. BobGTW Logo Super.png