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Types of Activities
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Types of Activities


When something is created, or changed, or added to.

Drive Nail

Drill Hole

Type Letter

An operation represents the main steps in a process.

Usually transportation, storage, and inspections are more or less auxiliary to the processing activities. Operations involve such activities as forming, shaping, assembling, disassembling, servicing, etc…


When something is moved from one place to another.

Move material

by truck

Move material by hoist or elevator

Move material

by carrying

Transportation is the movement of the object being studied from one position or location to another. When materials are stored beside or within two or three feet of a bench or machine on which the operation is to be performed the movements used in obtaining the material preceding the operation and putting it down after operations are considered part of an operation.


When something remains in one place waiting further action.

Material in truck or on floor at bench waiting to be processed

Employee waiting

for elevator

Papers waiting

to be filed

Storage or delay indicates an object coming to rest and not being worked upon. Storage is considered a permanent storage when a requisition must be obtained to move it to the next stage in the process.


When something is checked or verified, but not changed.

Examine material for quality or quantity

Read gauge on


Examine form

for information

Inspection for quantity may consist of measuring, counting, or weighing. Inspection for quality may consist of testing a part to see if it will pass a predetermined standard or may take the form of sorting.                                                          “Learning by Doing” Workbook