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“The iris blossoms beautifully in the rain, even in a rain of blood.”

Name: Okami (Proprietress)

Age: 40s-50s

Allies: Himura Kenshin, Yukishiro Tomoe, Katsura Kogoro, Katagai, Iizuka

Enemies: Tokugawa Bakufu, anyone who makes a mess of her inn

Biography: Known only as Okami, she is the owner of the Kohagiya, the inn where the Ishin Shishi stay when not in battle. After Battousai brings home the bloody, passed out Tomoe, Okami hires Tomoe on as a maid of all work and takes a liking to her, refusing to fire her when Battousai asks her to.

Personality: Sharp tongued and observant, Okami keeps all the males staying at her inn in line, including Himura Battousai. She has no trouble telling the young man off when he demands that she take Tomoe in, then demands the next day that she kick Tomoe out.

She also sees the effect that Tomoe has on Himura’s demeanor, observing that Tomoe has caused his eyes to soften. Perhaps this is why she refuses to send Tomoe away?

Okami acts as a mother figure to Tomoe and tells Tomoe that Tomoe reminds her of an iris, a flower that blooms beautifully in the rain, meaning simply that she thinks Tomoe is strong in adversity.

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