Hibiscus Resale and Rental F.A.Q.

Can I still rent/sell my Hibiscus Timeshare through the Hibiscus office?

No. The purpose of this notice is to inform owners that all sales & rentals of Hibiscus Timeshare units will be handled by BuyATimeshare.com.

Who is BuyATimeshare.com?

        BuyATimeshare.com is website that handles rentals and selling of timeshares. They are found at the top of searches for timeshares resales and rentals. They have been matching owners with buyers and renters since 2000.

Do I have to use BuyaTimeshare.com to rent/sell my unit?

        No. There are a number of different websites and programs that handle the buying and selling of timeshare units. BuyATimeshare.com is the company we have partnered with to handle Hibiscus Association units for sale and rent.

Where do I rent/ buy Hibiscus Timeshares in the future?

        If you would like to see what timeshares are for rent or sale you can visit the following website: Buyatimeshare.com and search for Hibiscus. Once again, there are numerous websites that list timeshares for sale and rent (such as Redweek.com) which an owner can list with. The use of BuyATimeshare.com is completely optional.

Are there any costs associated with BuyaTimeshare.com?

        Yes. To list your timeshare for sale OR rent, there is a fee of 19.95/month. To list your timeshare for sale AND rent, the fee is 24.95/month.

What happens if my unit is already rented now or I have it listed with the office for rent?

        If you have your unit listed to be rented you have the option of making a listing with BuyATimeshare.com OR leaving it with us to rent. If you do list it with BuyATimeshare.com, please let us know so there is not a chance of double booking a unit and we can stop trying to rent it. If your unit is already rented then the rental will take place as usual and there is nothing to be done on your part.

What if i have my unit listed for resale at the office?

        All materials that list units for sale in the front office will be replaced with information directing owners to BuyATimeshare.com. If you have your unit listed for sale, we recommend that you list with BuyATimeshare.com or whatever timeshare resale program you would prefer to use.

When and why was this change made?

        This change was made at the Hibiscus board meeting on April, 24, 2015. The most important reason for this change is that with listing the association owned units with BuyATimeshare.com we have found a cost effective way to show our units to a global audience of potential buyers without having to affect the budgeted maintenance fees.  With the partnership of BuyATimeshare.com, we hope to get new paying owners which will contribute to the overall value of the Hibiscus Timeshares.

When does this change take place?

        This change is effective immediately. The Hibiscus office will now refer owners to this website for the BuyATimeshare.com service: Hibiscus.BuyATimeshare.com

I have a question that was not addressed above, who do I contact?

        If you have any other questions that have not been answered, please contact our office through email Vacation@CondoRental.com or by calling us at 1.904.471.6848 or 1.800.473.3015.