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12 week Private voice schedule
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Schedule for Private Voice Lessons

12 Weeks

1)   Policies & goals discussed and signed. Materials assigned for the session.

     Song will be chosen to learn for the session.2)  Student brings binder. We will start putting it together(see policy sheet)

     * One song will be chosen to have the melody memorized first.

     * Put all songs chosen in your binder!

     * Song practice should be sung only on a vowel such as ah. No words :)

3)  Song #1 Exercises worked on and speaking/learning the words

     * Write out repertoire song list and bring to your next lessons.

4)  Songs 1 & 2 will be worked on.  

     *Assignment for next week:have the words to songs #1 memorized.

     *Be prepared to have it said as a monologue for next week.

5)  Monologue said in lesson and worked on.

      *Song# 2 melody only on ah for this week.

      * Continue working on vocal tone, breathing through the songs.

6)   Song # 1 start singing with the words.  Song #2 memorize as a monologue this week.

7)   Do monologue for song #2. Work on song #1 & #2 with words.

      *Have songs #1 & # 2 memorized and ready to sing at the next lesson.

8)   Sing songs #1 & #2 from memory.  More training and coaching.

9)   Work on Songs 1 & 2 with words. Work on Expression

10-12 final work to make ready for performances.

I will email you opportunities for you to perform/auditions! Take advantage of them!

*assignment for the week

I have read and understand the 12 week schedule

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