001 - Power of a Growth Mindset Written Response


  • Write a well-developed paragraph(s) with strong ideas and organization
  • Follow the rules of grammar in writing
  • Demonstrate understanding of a growth mindset


Choose one of the prompts below. Write a well-developed paragraph(s) with strong ideas and organization. Follow the rules of grammar.  Your paragraph(s) will be graded on the objectives above.


Compare/contrast a person with a fixed mindset with a person with a growth mindset.

Describe the different research studies addressed in the video: Children & puzzles, 7th grade students and math, and the scientific effects of feedback on brain activity. End your written response explaining which one of these research studies is most powerful to you and why?

How does a person adopt a growth mindset?  Write a paragraph that advises a friend on how to develop a growth mindset.

What are some areas of your life where you currently have a fixed mindset? How do you plan to change them in the future?

What are some problems in our society/world that could be improved through a growth mindset? Explain how a growth mindset would alleviate these problems.

Write your paragraph(s) here: