START ROUTINE (July 2017):

S.T.A.R.T: This habit ensures that I begin work effectively and with less resistance.

S: SUIT-UP (Sing a Song!): I like to sing and as I prepare myself and my space.

T: TIDY-UP (Two Tunes!) When the room is cleaner your mind will also be more clear and ordered

A: ANATOMY (Ask what your body needs first!)   : List OOPS, Appointments, Overcome actions already and todays associated actions.

R: RESPOND (Respectfully to emails etc): Grab refreshments and snacks, read the resolution below and...

T: TASKS (Take a Tiny step) 5 solid minutes of the first task on your list: GO!!

Work resolution:

“I am beginning today's formal work, right now. I've given my mind and body space, my environment is clean and I’m ready to start.

I am loved, I am capable and I am happy. I enjoy the process.

This moment, right now I decide to do MY work. I choose to be here – to take the first step in changing automatic habits into conscious and positive ones. By repeating this often, very easily and smoothly it takes hardly any effort. Boldness and confidence has genius, magic and power.

I have two simple checklists:



Get caught up in worrying/ perfectionism. putting off

JFDI! Set a timer and FLIT in between to vary it

Send emails off rashly

Go through emails in the CORRECT way

FB, Youtube/ pointless articles in work time

Do those things in break, or outside in fresh air

My passion and motivation, grows only after I start, after I take action. So let’s start small, right now! Let’s do this!”

My typical work day:

10:30am: Straight after my morning routine  I set the Toggl (time record keeping app)  to START and I sing along to some music and Suit up - getting dressed. I sometimes wear a specific item, a work tie, which is a physical reminder of work time. I try and keep this to 1 minute.

10:35am: One the song is over I load up 2 songs - fun, motivational ones and I Tidy up to 2 Tunes - no more, otherwise I use tidying as a procrastination. It’s actually fun tidying up when it’s short and accompanied with the right soundtrack.

11:05am: I set my timer to three minutes and arrange my Agenda, checking in with my calendar and messages first. I use a sheet (in google docs) with three columns and four rows. The rows are priority: 1,2,3,4, In row no. 4 is a long list of tasks, which is where I start and then I pull some into the top 3. The columns are Work, Personal, Housekeeping. They relate to the physical areas of my life. Although I conceptualise 10 roles I have found these three are the simpler, manageable roles I use day to day:

11:10am:  This usually takes longer than three minutes, but I always switch off my messages after that three and just concentrate on my tasks. Once done I scan the list and then pull up my work incantation, ready to recite it aloud and make a Resolve to work well. This reduces resistance, by reminding me it is my choice and there are benefits.

11:20am:  I then set a 5 minute timer and do a no 1 Tiny-Task, only for 5 minutes!! Once done I FLIT, go get a cuppa and then come back to FLIT again and start setting 25 minute timers for the rest of my day.

11:30am: Cuppa tea drunk I can really begin piling into  the tasks and taking regular breaks. In some of my breaks I take longer chunks of time, go for a stroll, meditate, do a breathing exercise, call a friend. I even have a list of things that I love to do, which nourish me. Sometimes I pick one randomly.

That's the START routine done.

I keep going until I get bored. For accuracy I use a CORRECT routine every time I need to pueblos or send something.

At the end of the work day I Do the FINISH routine.

At the end of the whole day I do the DREAMTIME routine.