Bronyville Oktoberfest, the road to NMND
(sorry AC, you have to stay sober)

We'll record this Saturday, at 10:00 PM EST
live show is uncensored, podcast version will have a profanity filter applied to it.

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Introductions and banter (5ish minutes)

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News (7ish minutes)



News of the week (or anything we missed last week):

BABScon announces JDL

Robot Chicken has really lost its touch.

SUPER SECRET NINJA RECORDING of Bonnie Zacherle and Lauren Faust panel at EQLA

NYCC Pony related panels

LyraBon book incoming. We’ll need a new fire status for that 

Bug eyed hamster attacked by FOX 

SFM recreation of “True, True Friend.”

And the props/etc. are available for download\

Princess Big Mac TS:SSF card

Interview (15-20ish minutes)

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Greetings Bronyville! This is my first time writing to you in almost two years.

In my last email, I mentioned that I wanted to listen to your entire podcast from the first episode before the end of 2013. I didn't catch up until almost halfway through 2014. Oops. There are a number of things I want to talk about regarding some of your previous episodes, so this email could be lengthy.

First, thank you Chef Sandy for making Ponies With Hats your one cool thing back in February 2013. It was the first time something I'd made ever got a mention on Bronyville and that made me super happy, even if it is my least favourite creation.

Second, I flew out to Fiesta Equestria in 2014 and had the most amazing weekend of my life. Flying from New Zealand, the trip cost me about $2000. Ouch, but totally worth it! You guys have given a lot of advice to first-time convention goers in the past which I was sure to take into consideration, and I'd like to thank you for that. It really did help a lot. There so many panels that we wanted to go to in the beginning, but in the end we spent most of our time at the con just hanging out and making friends. And driving. Lots and lots of driving!

Another thing mentioned in a previous episode was the take-down of Epic Rage Time. I was actually the lead animator on this project. There's a LOT to talk about here. Too much for an email. All I can say for now is that Hasbro were not involved in this take-down. No need to freak out about CND's :p

I'm going to leave this here. Have a great evening!

Best regards,


Co-founder and lead animator for NightFalls Studios.

One Cool Thing


1 Cool Thing



Apple Cider

Man check out those clouds

Chef Sandy

Kids who are also squid music.


Ponies and Weapons

Five Iron

Champions Online
(may not actually be cool)


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